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Smart insights drive smart actions

Smart Insights Drive Smart Actions

Gartner Cool VendorDiscover, test, simulate, deploy and continuously improve data informed decisions that drive your daily business operations.

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SMARTS Decision Manager

SMARTS Decision Manager

A business rules and analytics platform that lets you capture, automate, and improve the decisions that drive your business operations.

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PENCIL Decision Modeler

PENCIL Decision Modeler

A decision modeling tool that lets you discover, model, and document decisions and business rules.

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SMARTS for agile systems and applications…

“Sparkling Logic enables us to reduce costs and time to market by improving the agility of our systems and enabling the rapid and efficient implementation of business and market driven changes.”

-Nick Collins, Head of Business Solutions, First Rate Exchange Services


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Improve Your Automated Decisions with Decision Simulation

In our last post, we looked at how predictive models are used in automated decisions. A key take away from that post is that a prediction is not a decision. Rather predictive models provide us with key insights based on historical data so we can make more informed decisions.

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