ABT Power Management Deploys Remote Asset Management Application Using Sparkling Logic SMARTS

ABT Power Management

SMARTS monitors compliance and prioritizes maintenance and repair based on sensor data

Sparkling Logic today announced from the Building Business Capability Conference that ABT Power Management, an innovative, fast-growing D.C. power company, is launching its Remote Auto Asset Management System (RAAMS) using their next-generation decision management product, SMARTS. Mariner, a Sparkling Logic implementation partner and a leading business intelligence and analytics consultancy, developed the new application which propels ABT’s unique power management offering into the Internet of Things (IoT) arena, by combining data from devices and sensors with the cloud and analytics using Sparkling Logic SMARTS to drive compliance, repair, and maintenance decisions. “SMARTS decision management product is uniquely suited to enable actions based on insight gleaned from big data, such as ABT’s sensor data,” says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic, co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. “We are excited to be a part of ABT’s innovative power management solution.”

ABT engineers, furnishes, installs and maintains industrial battery and charging systems used in electric forklift trucks and automated guided vehicles at large distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. Over 10 years ago, ABT pioneered an offering called GuaranteedPOWER® that bundles equipment and maintenance into a fixed monthly power fee which benefits customers by guaranteeing contracted cost and capital savings, guaranteeing the customer’s uptime, and eliminating the variable costs and unplanned expenses associated with batteries and charging systems.

The new remote asset management application takes ABT’s GuaranteedPOWER® offering to a new level by monitoring asset utilization and identifying and resolving equipment and compliance issues proactively and much faster than previously possible. Battery and charger assets are monitored remotely via sensors that send data via the Internet to ABT’s local server. “Previously, our engineers and account managers would review reports based on this sensor data in order to monitor utilization and prioritize servicing and repair work,” said Mike Shemancik, ABT CIO, “Now, using SMARTS, we have achieved near real time analysis of this data and are able to respond immediately to conditions that need attention. SMARTS’ interface is easy and intuitive enough to allow our engineering staff to create and maintain the rules themselves.”

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About ABT Power Management, Inc.
ABT Power Management supplies and maintains industrial batteries and charging systems for both Material Handling equipment and D.C. back-up power for data center and telecommunication applications. At ABT, we take the time to thoroughly study our customer’s operations and power requirements so that our equipment and solutions provide precisely the power needed at the lowest cost of ownership. Our customers consistently experience reliable uptime, lower operating costs, reduced capital spending, and operational power that is free of headaches or concerns. www.wemanagepower.com

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If you’re looking for a business partner that can harness your information assets for better decision making, then look no further. Mariner quickly draws a target on the results you want and then delivers using our: industry expertise in energy, financial services, manufacturing, retail and distribution; deep skills in architecting information for ease of access; Agile process; and focus on business process modernization. When it comes to harnessing information assets, we are the key to success for your company, your department and you. Mariner-Insight to Achieve. www.mariner-usa.com.

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Sparkling Logic Inc. is a California-based company leading technology innovation in Decision Intelligence Management. Its SMARTS™ decision management system empowers business experts and business analysts and IT to discover, automate and operationalize business insights from traditional data management tools. SMARTS uniquely leverages big data analytics to facilitate capturing, modeling and executing business decisions while assessing the impact of changes in a decision strategy.

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