Agile Future for Enterprise Apps? John Rymer answers…

on June 15, 2010
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John Rymer from Forrester innovates again with Social Media platform.  He came up with the idea to open the floor to questions from his social network on the future of Enterprise Applications.  He selected 9 questions which video answers are now posted into YouTube.  I was lucky enough to be selected on a topic that interests me most: Agility as part of Enterprise Apps.  I certainly believe that Agility is going to be an unavoidable characteristic of future systems.  I was interested in John’s opinion on the subject:


His initial reaction, which was to be defensive on the applicability of Agile methodology, was not what I expected — he knows that I am a fan, not a detractor of such approaches.

Nevertheless, he is right.  Agile methodology / approach delivers great benefits to any kind of applications, mission critical or not.  But if you want to reap the benefits you will hit a wall with traditional technologies.  Only Agile technologies will allow enterprises to adapt to a fast pace of change.  This is a very point John makes in the video.

Thanks John for picking my question!

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