Leading organizations need to automate and optimize operational decisions that deliver key competitive advantage. Discover how Sparkling Logic enables these capabilities.

Dynamic Pricing & Configuration

Customer Experience

Fraud, Risk & Compliance

internet of things (iot)

Dynamic Pricing & Configuration

Configuration helps organizations customize products and services to meet the specific needs of a particular customer. Dynamic pricing helps organizations extract value from customer interactions by determining price based on factors such as market demand, competitor’s pricing, conversion rates, customer location and willingness to pay.

Sparkling Logic’s business rules and analytics platform enables organizations to implement integrated custom pricing and configuration solutions that can’t be easily solved with off-the-shelf offerings. Using Sparkling Logic, companies can easily manage large and sophisticated pricing, product and service, or credit strategy configurations and can execute SMARTS Champion / Challenger experiments to find the optimal approach.

Energy & Utilities: A major power distribution organization with over 1M residential and business customers uses Sparkling Logic to configure work orders for asset remediation including labor, material, services, and plant/tool resources required to perform the construction and maintenance work.

Financial Services: One of the foremost foreign exchange suppliers, serving 35 countries, uses Sparkling Logic to configure and price currency exchange products.

Energy & Utilities: An innovative power management company automatically prioritizes and configures work orders for preventive equipment maintenance using Sparkling Logic

Customer Experience

In the new world of digital business, where the boundaries between technology and business blur, the decisions that drive your customer interactions are paramount. Customer experience is a key differentiator for top organizations who are improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability by consistently creating customer interactions that meet or exceed expectations.

Sparkling Logic is used by leading organizations to:

  • Deliver personalized customer interactions and experiences with relevant, insightful, and timely offers, recommendations, advice and service actions
  • Ensure consistent and targeted customer experiences across touch points and channels
  • Provide self-service resources and dynamic web-based interactions to guide customers to the best product or solution

Healthcare: A leading long term care insurance administrator processes over 47,000 claims for major insurance carriers using Sparkling Logic, reducing time to payment and improving customer satisfaction and experience.

Financial Services: A professional accounting association uses Sparkling Logic to drive their online advisory portal providing expert guidance to practicing accountants, enabling them to better meet the needs and expectations of their clients.

Healthcare: A major healthcare insurance organization with over 30 million customers uses Sparkling Logic to optimize the wellness program recommendations and incentives to reduce participant’s health risks and premiums.

Fraud, Risk Management & Compliance

Fraud is a growing and ever-evolving challenge for companies worldwide across all industries including telecom, insurance, banking, healthcare, and government. Since fraud is an adaptive crime where new fraud schemes constantly arise, the effort to identify and prevent fraud must be ongoing. Organizations need to continually learn from fraud incidents to improve future monitoring and detection.

Credit risk management allows banks and lenders to meet regulatory requirements while making better risk-based credit decisions that harness data and apply advanced analytics.

Fraud and risk management solutions require sophisticated data analysis techniques and business rules for routing and case management. Sparkling Logic provides an ideal platform for fraud and risk solutions since it integrates:

  • Analytic models consumed via PMML or developed using Sparkling Logic’s integrated predictive analytics capabilities
  • Business rules to encode deep expertise typical of fraud and risk decisions
  • Decision analytics that enable measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of fraud and risk measures

Financial Services: A major Silicon Valley online payment corporation uses Sparkling Logic to manage flash fraud for tens of millions of daily transactions.

Financial Services: A major alliance of top US Banks uses Sparkling Logic to manage banking fraud for billions of daily transactions.

Financial Services: One of the largest US credit agencies uses Sparkling Logic in their credit risk decisioning platform used by over 1000 US and Canadian customers.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, with its myriad of objects embedded with sensors and connected to networks, is churning out huge volumes of data for analysis and creating opportunity for improved business processes and new business models. IoT applications are enabling organizations to link data from products, company assets, or the operating environment, to track behavior, enhance situational awareness, and improve decision-making. Automation and control, through actuators, takes IoT applications to the next level with systems and processes that can automatically adjust to situations and conditions.

Sparkling Logic is used by innovative organizations to analyze data from sensors and generate alerts or take needed actions.

  • Industrial Internet and controls
  • Smart / Connected Home
  • Consumer health and fitness
  • Digital Retail

Energy & Utilities: A leading supplier of motive power batteries and charging systems uses Sparkling Logic to monitor equipment remotely via sensors to monitor utilization and prioritize servicing and repair work.

Energy & Utilities: A major power distribution company uses SMARTS to monitor the condition of equipment and optimize preventive maintenance.