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Talking about decisions (part 1)

Making informed decisions (part 2)

In part 1, we saw that we could use knowledge, experience and intuition to build a model serving as a basis for making decisions. But when historical data is available, we can do more… Predictive Analytics When large amounts of historical data are available (and the...

Talking about decisions (part 1)

Making informed decisions (part 1)

We spend our lives, both personal and professional, making decisions, all day long; some without consequences, and some with long-lasting and even perhaps game-changing ones. Should I eat some Thai food for lunch, or some Japanese food? Do we make targeted offers to...

Talking about decisions (part 1)

Bringing Intelligence to Business Intelligence

How do we prioritize our project portfolio according to our business objectives? Why are our customers buying mountain bikes and not city bikes? Couldn’t we try to sell more of those top-brand bagels instead of regular sandwiches? What is the best time to alert our...

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