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Why Your Organization Needs Decision Management

In many organizations, the code responsible for automating decisions in software applications and systems is scattered throughout various databases, processes, and user interfaces. While this approach may work in the short-term, it makes maintaining and improving decisions increasingly more difficult and expensive over time.

Decision management emerged as a discipline and evolving set of technologies that treats decision logic as a separate business asset. Decision management platforms like SMARTS™ provide an environment where business analysts and domain experts can define, test, and deploy decisions as decision services which can then be invoked by any application or system on-demand.

Benefits of Decision Management Platforms:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Decision management platforms enable business analysts to manage decision logic themselves. Therefore, organizations can reduce software development and IT costs that would have been necessary to code, implement, and maintain decision logic across systems.
  • Faster Deployment: Decision management platforms allow decision logic to operate on its own lifecycle. This allows business analysts to make updates when necessary and quickly adapt to new market opportunities rather than waiting on prioritization in the developer queue.
  • Easier Maintenance and Scalability: Decision management platforms provide a central depository for decision logic. As a result, organizations can manage decisions in one place, enforce consistency across the systems that use the same decision logic, and easily apply decision logic to new systems.

The SMARTS™ Advantage

Unlike other decision management platforms, SMARTS™ provides the tools for business analysts to leverage their own data to collaboratively and transparently manage decisions through their complete lifecycle. In addition, its modern, cloud-native architecture enables SMARTS™ to fit into any enterprise architecture or governance model and achieve high performance securely in a manner that scales.

  • Design/Test: Easily author or import business rules and decision logic in various representations including decision tables, decision trees, scorecard models, lookup models, and machine learning models. Use your sample data to test-as-you-go and run simulations. View results in a fully-customizable dashboard.
  • Deploy: Publish releases for deployment with one click. Quickly rollback to a previous version when necessary.
  • Monitor/Update: Set up real-time metrics, alerts, and reports to monitor performance. Launch live and shadow Champion/Challenger experiments to test different strategies.  
Deploy, Monitor, and Update Decision Management Cycle

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