Best-in-class Series: Balancing Predictive Power and Regulatory Constraints in Automated Decisions through Decision Trees

Decision Trees

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SMARTS™ Product Spotlight: Interactive Tree Model

Decision trees are a type of supervised machine learning algorithm which maps out consequences in a tree-like manner. They enable organizations to leverage the predictive power of machine learning amidst business and regulatory constraints; yet many organizations struggle to deploy decision trees in automated decisions. New to the SMARTS™ decision management platform, Interactive Tree Model enables users to interact with data to easily build, test, deploy, and refine decision trees using their proprietary data in a completely transparent manner. Join us on Thursday, March 21st at noon ET, as Jihae Hwang, VP of Data Science at Sparkling Logic, demonstrates how a personal loan company can use Interactive Tree Model to build a credit model.

What you will learn:

  • Benefits and use cases for decision trees
  • How to build a decision tree through Interactive Tree Model
  • How to test and experiment with decision trees in SMARTS™


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Best-in-class Series

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