Best-in-class Series: Best Practices for Operationalizing Champion/Challenger Experiments

How to Operationalize Champion Challenger

How to Effectively Use Experimentation to Improve Operational Decisions

Facing market uncertainties, testing new credit strategies in a sand box will only marginally raise your confidence level. How will applicants behave with higher credit limits? How will lowering them affect your bottom line? Champion/Challenger experiments can be an effective way for your organization to test several strategies in parallel while mitigating risk. However, knowing when and how to implement these experiments will determine the effectiveness of your experiments. Join us on Thursday, April 6th at noon ET, as Carole-Ann Berlioz, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Sparkling Logic, provides practical guidance on how to effectively operationalize Champion Challenger experiments. Learn how to set up experiments in a manner that won’t interfere with existing experiments, is easy for non-technical staff to manage, and can quickly lead to better decision outcomes.

Topics include:

  • How champion/challenger experiments works
  • Benefits and challenges of champion/challenger experiments
  • Best practices for design and implementation


Additional Resources to Operationalize Champion Challenger:

Best-in-class Series

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