Best-in-class Series: Rapid Decision Lifecycle Iterations

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Like any software, a decision management application goes through several releases that constitute its life cycle. Due to ever changing regulations and competition, companies must adapt their decisions. New data must be ingested, more powerful models must be imported, and new rules need to be added.

Whether you are a business analyst or a business user in the sectors of credit, insurance, and risk management, this webinar may interest you.

Carole-Ann Berlioz, Chief Product Officer at Sparkling Logic, will show you how SMARTS helps users to:

  • Deploy a decision management application to use as a single decision service for all, or segmented by product, client, region, or any other dimension
  • Manage the lifecycle of their decision management application, including the ingestion of new data, the import of new models, and the promotion of new decisions
  • View the history of the decision logic and revert to an earlier release at any time
  • Manage user credentials, monitor access security, and audit changes to data, models, or decisions
  • Do all the above without involving IT or data scientists, while remaining compliant with the company’s IT security and data governance


Sparkling Logic Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company dedicated to helping organizations automate and optimize key decisions in daily business operations and customer interactions in a low-code, no-code environment. Our core product, SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Manager, is an all-in-one decision management platform designed for business analysts to quickly automate and continuously optimize complex operational decisions. Learn more by requesting a live demo or free trial today.