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Get insights into the world of business rules, predictive analytics and decision management from the Sparkling Logic team.

  Sep 26, 2022
Recently, our very own Carlos Serrano-Morales was named one of the top CTOs in the US banking space by CTO Boardroom Media CTOs were selected based on their performance in innovation, growth, management, ad societal impact As Carlos is not only our... MORE
  Jun 28, 2022
There is not one but several representations of prescriptive decision logic In this blog post, we describe the most used ones, from the simplest to the most sophisticated one Decision tablesDecision tables are a tabular representation of... MORE
  May 17, 2022
Decisions are at the core of every organization, be it a Fortune 100 company, a start-up, or a governmental agency In this blog post, we provide answers to the ten most frequently asked questions about decision management 1) What is... MORE
  May 3, 2022
This blog post presents the latest version of SMARTS, Vienna Vienna expands SMARTS capabilities by strengthening the ease-of-use and clarity of implementing business decisions, allowing business analysts to more effectively manage complex,... MORE
  Apr 15, 2022
Personalization has always been the holy grail of marketing, advertising, sales, and customer relationship management So far, two approaches have been used The most fashionable today uses statistical data to make recommendations, the second... MORE
  Apr 7, 2022
You are about to modernize or develop a new automatic decision-making application, based on data, knowledge, or a combination of both You wonder whether our SMARTS platform meets your business needs and technical specifications Nothing is better... MORE
  Mar 30, 2022
In the tech industry, we also have our well-known “Coke vs Pepsi”, “Avis vs Hertz”, or “Mac vs PC” debates In the automated decision management category, the question that keeps coming up is "data vs knowledge” The aim of this blog... MORE
  Mar 21, 2022
So far, we've covered how to use SMARTS for decision management, micro-calculation, and data transformation In this blog post, we show how you can use it to implement regulatory technology (regtech) Regtech Regulations, from Basel rules on... MORE
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