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Get insights into the world of business rules, predictive analytics and decision management from the Sparkling Logic team.

  Mar 2, 2022
As an enterprise IT solution, SMARTS has different customers in the same organization who directly use it or indirectly benefit from it This blog post aims to succinctly describe who our customers are, what they want, and what value we bring to... MORE
  Jan 25, 2022
The purpose of this blog post is to succinctly introduce decision management systems for those who are new to the field First, I present what decision management is, then the technologies that make it up I also present where they are used and what... MORE
  Jan 4, 2022
In my earlier blog post, I explained how decision management and business rules were suitable for micro-calculations, the type of computations that businesses often codify into large spreadsheets and use to score, rate, or price items In this... MORE
  Dec 8, 2021
Until recently, companies used rules to comply with a sectoral regulation, implement a business strategy, or automate a business process At Sparkling Logic, we were among the few pioneers who helped customers to use business rules for... MORE
  Nov 24, 2021
If you envision modernizing or building a credit origination system, an insurance underwriting application, a rating engine, or a product configurator, our SMARTS decision management platform can help you Discover it here through a selected list... MORE
SMARTS Decision Management Platform
  Nov 8, 2021
Sparkling Logic helps businesses automate and improve the quality of their operational decisions with a technology platform that is powerful and simple: SMARTS for short In this post, we present SMARTS through 10 selected questions and... MORE
  Oct 12, 2021
In this post, we present how Sparkling Logic continues its involvement in the DMN standard, through its graphical tool SMARTS Pencil, which business analysts use to model business decisions by drawing a diagram to form a decision process DMN, a... MORE
  Sep 29, 2021
This article presents the three software industry trends driving the digital transformation revolution: DevOps, low-code / no-code automation, vertical integration with digital decisioning IntroductionThe pandemic changed tech priorities for many... MORE
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