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Get insights into the world of business rules, predictive analytics and decision management from the Sparkling Logic team.

decision performance
  Feb 18, 2020
In our last two blog posts in this series we discussed decision engine performance and how performance is impacted by deployment architecture choices In addition to those considerations, you should also focus on business decision performance, the topic of this post Central to... more
  Feb 10, 2020
In our last post we discussed Decision Engine Performance and how SMARTS provides different engines that are optimized to their specific application In this post we will cover how deployment architecture choices impact performance SMARTS provides you higher level support... more
Performance Testing
  Feb 3, 2020
One of the subjects that frequently comes up when considering decision engines is performance, and, more broadly, the performance characterization of decisions: how do decision engines cope with high throughput, low response, high concurrency scenarios In fact, the whole... more
best practices
  Oct 24, 2019
Naturally, the decision management community demands constantly more best practices We delivered tips for writing and organizing business rules, and topics of that nature However, success often depends on these crucial early choices So, let's take a step back, and discuss how... more
Bad Data
  Oct 15, 2019
Why should you care about Data Validation Actually, your decisions can only be as good as the data they apply to Consequently, by improving the quality of the data you apply your decisions to, you will improve the quality of your decisions There is inherently a strong bond... more
  Jul 24, 2019
For decades, writing rules has been an abstract exercise Business Analysts review requirements They write the corresponding logic If they are lucky, there is a testing infrastructure they can push the rules to Often, they have together code for test cases, or wait for QA to... more
  Jun 11, 2019
Business rules provide the flexibility and agility that systems need By definition, they enable business analysts to adjust the system's decision logic to ever-evolving business direction Due to competitive pressure, business regulations, or executive direction, business rules... more
  May 28, 2019
A little while ago, we hosted a webinar about "why Decision Management" However, including the business case presentation alone seemed somewhat incomplete Indeed, we also needed to focus on 'how' As a result, we created a presentation that covered both aspects In this blog... more
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