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Get insights into the world of business rules, predictive analytics and decision management from the Sparkling Logic team.

  Apr 18, 2019
ETCIO (an initiative of The Economic Times) has interviewed KM Nanaiah, country manager at Equifax The article highlights the details of the tooling that is now available to financial institutions They will see dramatic improvements in customer acquisition and loan... more
  Apr 11, 2019
A key benefit of using a Decision Management System is to allow the life-cycle of automated decisions to be fully managed by the enterprise When the decision logic remains in the application code, it becomes difficult to separate access to decision logic code from the rest... more
decision management platform integrations
  Apr 3, 2019
Decision Management and Business Rules Management platforms cater to the needs of business oriented roles (business analysts, business owners, etc) involved in operational decisions But they also need to take into account the constraints of the enterprise and its technology... more
  Mar 14, 2019
Back in my early product management days, I looked at several tools for requirement capture I found quite a few good solutions for product requirements, but nothing I really liked for capturing source rules When working on business rules or decision management project, I... more
object model
  Mar 6, 2019
Where do you start Do you upload a predefined object model Or do you develop it with your decision logic Object Model First It is our experience that, in the vast majority of the projects, object models already exist The IT organization defines and maintains them This... more
  Feb 26, 2019
A little while ago, I ran into a question in Quora that hit me in the stomach figuratively, of course Someone asked "why do rules engines fail to gain mass adoption" I had mixed feelings about it In one hand, I am very proud of our decision management industry, and how... more
business testing
  Feb 19, 2019
As we get ready for deployment, let's consider business testing We covered QA testing a couple of weeks ago The key difference is that we do not check that requirements are covered; we check that our requirements are correct In other words, we focus on business... more
  Feb 18, 2019
We are pleased to announce that, by popular demand, we will redo our presentation on Spreadsheets in Decision Management Due to the many requests since, we will host an encore presentation Join us on March 14th, or sign up for the on-demand recording To begin with, we will... more
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