Can you Learn the Formula for Sustainable Business Value and Save Money?

on March 24, 2011
SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform

It is like killing 2 birds with one stone, isn’t it?

Sparkling Logic has teamed up with Gartner to launch a
Revolutionary Approach to Decision Management
at BPM Summit in Baltimore on April 27-29.

Be the first to learn how Sparkling Logic, the secret ingredient to the Formula for Sustainable Business Value, can help you Uncover, Automate and Improve your decisions.  Come to the show and stop by our booth!

Carlos and I, the founders of Sparkling Logic, will be there in person to share our secrets.  In particular, we will demonstrate:

– How real Business Users can participate actively without embarking on a huge modeling effort

Reduce the learning curve!

– How you can ensure Business Performance improvement

Performance-Driven Culture!

– How to bridge the gap between manual and automated decisions

When exception-handling requires a little creativity!


Save $300 off the standard registration rate with priority code BPMSPK, courtesy of Sparkling Logic.

So, why is BPM Summit the right place for our launch?

You certainly know, from our past posts on Pattern-Based Strategy and references to Jim Sinur’s work to name a few, that we share a common vision on Decision Management.  I have been to the show year after year because I care about those technologies but also because I think that Jim and his team provide some good pointers to companies that are getting started.  The focus of the show this year on sustainable business value fundamentally resonates with the Sparkling Logic vision and values.  We believe that the discipline & technology need to be made accessible to the masses.  The steep learning curve of existing solutions requires organizations to set up Centers of Excellence, to find rare talent and to focus on high-ROI projects.  We believe that lowering that learning curve can alleviate this mandate and allow for more and cheaper successes.  I am sad that Jim will likely not be there in person but I am also excited about the innovation in the industry.  We are excited of the Decision Management Innovations we will be unveiling at the Summit of course, but we are also looking forward to the progress made in the rest of the BPM space — because those two disciplines are joined at the hip.

To schedule a 1:1 session with either of us, send an email to

Learn more about Decision Management and Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Manager

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