Decision CAMP 2013 – Shash Hegde – Giving machines a collective memory & intelligence

on November 5, 2013
SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform

Shash is sharing an interesting business model his customer has developed. He figured out a way to guarantee a level of power while reducing the operational costs by augmenting the battery life. While manual inspection and industry knowledge has been the key to this business, automating maintenance allows the company to sustain their rapid growth and remain ahead of their currently nonexistent competition.

The change of format for this talk is really cool.  Shash assigned tasks to the audience!  They can ask any questions, but the idea is to brainstorm on a possible solution for the customer problem.  This is one of the most existing and productive exchange between attendees so far!

The solution architecture can be summarized as follows:

  • Sensors collect data and publish it in the Data Warehouse
  • Business Rules and Predictive Analytics serve as the intelligence
  • A work order is issued to the service technician

The objective is to reduce the time to intervention from a few days down to 4 hours once the solution will be deployed.

The solution relies on several self-service platforms:

  • Analytics: Data Warehouse + Predictive Analytics + Tableau
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure
  • Decision Management: Sparkling Logic SMARTS (Yeah!)

I liked the ‘decision fatigue’ concept.  Like President Obama or Steve Jobs not ‘wasting’ their decision capital on picking clothes, research shows that the more decisions people make per day, the lesser the quality.  As the objective is to reduce the number of technician errors, automation using decision management appeared to be an appealing solution.

I really enjoyed that talk!

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