Why Decision Management for the Internet of Things (IoT)?

on October 9, 2014
SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform

Here is a hint…  Earlier this week I shared my views on why Data was such a significant enabler for Decision Management, and vice versa.

With the Internet of Things, we get surrounded by ‘things’ that we want smarter.  The idea is that devices like switches, batteries and any appliance could make decisions in our stead.  I remember the days when we thought that it was science fiction…  Instead of programming the furnace to turn on at this or that time or temperature, we were dreaming of a house that could adapt, anticipate and react to current events or information.  And now, it’s happening.

These modern ‘things’ produce a ton of data on their status: where they are, how they are, etc.  This is once again a gold mine for decision management.  You could hard-code the expected reaction to such and such event, but the more exciting opportunity is to allow domain experts to adjust this behavior by defining and refining business rules.

  • If a snowstorm approaches, crank up the furnace
  • If power blackouts are likely, adjust AC usage to reduce overall peak

Business rules can also be used to alert that the ‘thing’ is not working well.

  • If the temperature is out of the last 10-day norm, alert the operator
  • If the bandwidth is near full capacity for more than 1 day, notify the technician

Business rules can be used to develop opportunities.

  • If 2 devices get in range, send a coupon to the closest Starbuck’s and an offer to meet there
  • If show is almost selling out, increase price

There is a lot that can be done.  The sky the limit.  The cool thing is that you can start with some basic behavior response to triggering events, and keep adding to it over time.  This is exactly what business rules are good at: flexibility to change.

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