Decision Management Rumors Confirmed

on December 5, 2011
SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform

Did you guess right on the acquisition rumors that were spreading at BBC 2011 this year?

Corticon announced today its acquisition by Progress software.  One more independent vendors ends up in the heart of a BPM and more platform.  This is a great validation for BRMS technology.  You can’t really fit all decisioning logic into process maps without crowding them.  Another interesting conclusion is that CEP did not suffice either in the BPM platform.  The quotes from the announcement were pretty telling:

Dr. John Bates, chief technology officer, Progress Software said: “Within modern responsive businesses, the need to make informed and accurate decisions ‘in the moment’ is critical. High quality real-time decisions are key to avoid fraudulent transactions, to comply with complex and evolving regulations and to generally make the right decision for the business at the right time. The acquisition of Corticon reinforces Progress’ commitment to deliver operational responsiveness by helping customers build highly agile, responsive business systems with models and tools that maximize simplicity and accelerate time-to-value.”

Dr. Mark Allen, founder and former chief executive officer of Corticon, now a member of the office of Progress’ CTO, added: “[…] rules alone are sometimes not enough; to meet the holistic needs of customers, a number of technology areas need to converge […]”

Effective Decision Management is all about Agility and Simplicity.  I wholeheartedly agree with that!

Congratulations, Mark!

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