Decision Modeling with SMARTS™ Pencil

on October 26, 2022

Decision modeling is a method of visually capturing how your organization makes operational decisions. You can model decision through diagramming tools, spreadsheets, or documents. SMARTS™ Pencil is a decision modeling tool within the SMARTS™ decision management platform. Pencil fosters collaboration and enables organizations to easily transform the decision model into executable business rules.

Benefits of SMARTS™ Pencil

  • Model decisions using a standard approach during the early phases of a project
  • Collaborate with team members and stake-holders to define decisions and business rules
  • Automatically generate business rules in SMARTS™ to begin testing with real data


Pencil follows the standard Decision Model and Notation (DMN) representation. Through an intuitive graphical interface, business analysts can capture data requirements, decision models, and business rules to achieve the best explicit description of the decisions required for their business application.


Decision models created in Pencil are easy to understand and can be easily shared among stakeholders. Data elements (inputs and outputs to the decision) are automatically captured in a glossary (to encourage consistent use of business terminology). Decision models can linked to business requirements, maintaining traceability to source documents. As organizations refine their decision models, Pencil will keep track of changes (through versioning) so that organizations can easily see how a decision has evolved over time or revert back to a previous version.

Test & Deploy

Once an organization is ready, they can transform a decision model into a SMARTS™ project, which automatically generates executable business rules. The organization can then run simulations to test and refine the business rules before deployment.

Learn more about SMARTS™ Rules Authoring capabilities.

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