Discount Codes for Rules Fest 2010

on August 25, 2010
SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform

Lots of free stuff in that post!

Live off of Rules Fest

Don’t quit your day job yet…  But, yeah, you can make some money with the Rules Fest show coming this fall.  Rules Fest is actually giving away gift cards for spreading the word.

How it works

Just come to the show (of course) and for each friend you convince to come (and use your code), you get a $25 gift card.  You get the same amount of money for anyone that uses your code even of they are not your friends but we encourage you to bring fun (and sparkling) fellows!  After all, we will all be at the show so let’s make sure we are in good company!

If you have not registered yet,
what are you waiting for? A discount?

All right… Here it is: SparklingLogicRules

Register for less!

Our code gives you a special 10% discount on Conference Fees
and Sparkling Logic will give you a free consultation at the

Carole-Ann can offer best practices and strategy advice on Decision Management
Carlos can offer technology and architecture advice on Decision Management

Remember, the show will be in beautiful Silicon Valley (in San Jose, CA) on Oct 11-13 (last day is for optional tutorials) at the Hayes Mansion.  My presentation will be on Monday and Carlos will close the show on Wednesday (well, there may be a talk or two after his).

Learn more about Decision Management and Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Manager

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