Dynamic Questionnaires with SMARTS

on December 20, 2022
Dynamic Questionnaire Diagram

Collecting data from customers, both internal and external, is a crucial step in the decisioning process. How organizations collect that data can make or break a relationship. SMARTS™ Dynamic Questionnaires enables organizations to tailor the experience to each customer. Business analysts can transform static, lengthy forms or tedious processes into a series of dynamic questions that change based on the previous response. This ensures that customers only see the questions that are relevant to them while organizations efficiently collect the data they need for decisioning.

Use cases for Dynamic Questionnaires include the following:

  • Diagnosing customer issues
  • Determining eligibility and pricing for offers
  • Configuring products and services
  • Triggering 1:1 marketing activities

We go into more detail on 3 use cases in a previous post.

Design Intelligent User Interactions

Through Dynamic Questionnaires, business analysts can organize dynamic, complex interactions through a series of pages and decision logic. With each page, business analysts can define a set of questions and responses, apply any validation logic (ex. required fields), and specify any data-overrides or dynamic content (ex. rephrase a question based on state of residency). Decision logic is then applied to define the interactions among the pages. SMARTS™ automatically creates the data structure to support the questionnaire.

Easy Deployment

Business analysts can easily deploy the questionnaire into their application through SMARTS™ Questionnaire Renderer or through their own renderer via API.

Learn more about SMARTS™ Dynamic Questionnaires and our Low-Code, No-Code capabilities

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