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Building Business Capability 2019

We look forward to co-presenting at BBC in Hollywood, Florida this year with one of our customers, Xinshu Credit, a leading FinTech company in Shanghai, China.

In the presentation,Jin Xu, Xinshu Credit’s CEO, and Carlos Serrano-Morales, Sparkling Logic’s CTO, will cover the new challenges that came with China’s awakening in Decision Management. To begin with, the volume of credit requests has reached new heights that dwarf the volumes we have historically seen around the world so far. Velocity is playing a leading role, driving the need for elastic architectures of another dimension. Last but not least, the rapidly changing business landscape brings new opportunities to refine strategies through new and diverse data sources.

This presentation will share Xinshu Credits experience leading the charge. In particular, it will cover:

  • Decision architecture that scales
  • Guidelines for digesting volumes of data sources quickly
  • Modern technology blueprints for elasticity
  • Lifecycle Management best practices for ultimate performance
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