Forrester, we love you too!

on July 7, 2011
SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform

John Rymer and Mike Gualtieri teamed again to release a much-needed report on the market outlook for Business Rules ( There have been lots of acquisitions in the past few years and technologies have been bleeding into each other, overlapping in concepts and positioning.  This report provides a very helpful perspective on where we are at and who the players are.  We were very happy to see the first reference to Sparkling Logic in an Industry Analyst report!  If you are looking for us, we are in the innovators section, one of only two!  Sparkling Logic is recognized for its new approach to empowering Business Users — check our Social Logic primer or my interview if you want to know more about it.  Our friend Jacob gets recognition for his integration of the Decision Model as part of OpenRules (one of the open source rules products).

We spent more time with John today and really loved his tweet!!/johnrrymer/status/89080486818877440

We are feeling the love today with Neil’s endorsement as well. Thank you guys!!!!/NeilRaden/status/89083018509164544


Thank you all for your tweets!

You know I always have a little something to complain about… Our Twitter handle is @SparklingLogic (I blame myself for picking a company name that is a bit too long).

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