Sparkling Logic is used to solve significant challenges in many verticals and industries.





These challenges typically involve some combination of large customer or end-user populations, networks of physical devices, significant risk and compliance considerations, as well as substantial upside potential through better customization. Sparkling Logic’s products offer a unique combination of capabilities to ensure success in automating decisions dealing with risk, compliance, and opportunity.

Financial Services

Powering the Fintech Revolution

Growing data volume and business complexity require faster response to escalating problems such as fraud, regulatory compliance (i.e. Dodd-Franck, Basel III and Solvency II), personalized account management, collection and recovery.

Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS Decision Manager delivers leading-edge solutions for key financial services challenges such as:

  • Origination and Underwriting
  • Customer Management
  • Collections and Recovery
  • Fraud and Money Laundering
  • Compliance

First Rate uses Sparkling Logic to increase agility and scalability of Foreign Exchange Infrastructure

First Rate is one of the foremost FX experts in the industry; with a multi-billion pound retail business and over 15 years’ experience providing travel money solutions for companies in the finance, travel, and retail sectors.

“At First Rate we are constantly developing our FX offering to anticipate and satisfy the growing market’s needs. Innovation is key to both our success and the success of our customers.” says Nick Collins, Head of Business Solutions, “Sparkling Logic SMARTS will enable us to reduce costs and time to market by improving the agility of our systems and enabling the rapid and efficient implementation of business and market driven changes. We chose SMARTS for its comprehensive decision management environment with out-of-the-box integration of business rules, and predictive analytics, and focus on decision improvement. In addition to enabling flexibility in our core systems, SMARTS will allow us to proactively manage the business results of our automated decisions.”

First Rate will initially use the SMARTS Decision Manager to implement a cross-channel pricing service to provide quotes for customers’ foreign currency requests. First Rate partners with companies such as banks, postal services, retail stores, and travel agents to provide customers with travel money in over 70 currencies, prepaid travel money cards in eight currencies, and a world-class International Payments service. Sales quotes and discounting is determined based on a number of factors including contractual agreements, wholesale prices and availability, seasonal demand and consumer behavior, marketing and promotion, and competitive pressures. Currency rate setting in many cases is based on live rates and the new pricing service will enable new levels of speed and flexibility in changing pricing business rules and will replace and eliminate any duplicated logic that exists in the existing online and branch-based order capture systems.


Lead the Digital Insurance Transformation

Insurers are undergoing significant transformation to thrive in the new digital world where customer expectations, distribution models, and competition are rapidly changing. Opportunities exist to meet customer needs with new offerings including usage-based and peer-to-peer insurance. The Internet of Things (IoT) with connected home technologies, telematics and mobile apps, and wearables, allows insurers to analyze customers’ data to identify their needs and risks. To drive this transformation, core systems must deliver sophisticated operational capabilities to enable the business.

Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS Decision Manager provides business rules-driven flexibility and analytics-driven insights for critical applications such as:

  • Marketing and client acquisition
  • Product eligibility
  • Quoting
  • Automated document assembly
  • Commission calculation
  • Underwriting
  • Rating and pricing
  • Claims adjudication
  • Claims fraud

LTCG uses Sparkling Logic to increase customer satisfaction by reducing time to process claims

LTCG has enhanced its claims processing capabilities using Sparkling Logic’s business rules and analytics platform. LTCG is a leading provider of business process outsourcing to the long term care (LTC) insurance industry, administering over 1.3 million policies and processing more than 47,000 claims for many of the major insurance carriers for nearly two decades. Sparkling Logic empowers organizations that need to automate and improve business decisions. LTCG uses SMARTS Decision Manager to increase the level of automation in its claims adjudication decision logic.

LTCG has demonstrated experience in improving the financial and operational performance of LTC carriers through its end-to-end solutions — from underwriting of new business to claims and administration of open and closed blocks. Within the area of claims management, the company uses its robust clinical expertise and claims experience to drive accurate, evidence-based decisions about eligibility and care plans while supporting active and ongoing clinical management. The addition of SMARTS adds another high-tech resource to complement this high-touch approach.

“Thanks to SMARTS, we were able to discover, test, and deploy automated claims decision logic in under six months,” said Kyle Korzenowski, LTCG CIO. “As a result, we have seen a reduction in the time required to process the most straightforward claims, which will improve customer satisfaction and allow our highly-experienced staff to focus on complex, high-cost cases.”

Healthcare & Wellness

Unlock the Potential of New Health Opportunities

Healthcare organizations are faced with the on-going need to improve patient care, deliver better outcomes, and drive operational efficiency while ensuring compliance. At the same time, signigicant opportunities exist in the rapidly growing consumer healthcare market and move to personalized healthcare.

Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS Decision Manager is used to meet some of the top IT challenges in healthcare with applications such as:

  • Health risk assessment and recommendation
  • Clinical decision support / Medical necessity checking
  • Benefit eligibility and enrollment
  • Claims processing
  • Prior authorization
  • Population and disease management
  • Hospital monitoring systems
  • Clinical trials

Sparkling Logic helps Onlife Health participants improve their health with 95% participation rate

Onlife Health needed to scale its wellness portal platform to accommodate a significant increase in participants. As a part of the new platform, Onlife needed a high-performance business rules and analytics platform to analyze data, automate complex decision logic and centralize governance and management of the business rules.

In less than one month, Onlife Health’s business analysts used the Sparkling Logic business rules and analytics platform to assess participants’ health risks and recommend goals and actions that help them improve their health in less than one month. The recommendations include coaching, and self-directed courses, along with diet and exercise trackers. The assessment is initially performed upon enrollment in the wellness program and is updated when participants’ data changes.

The new portal has achieved a 95% participation rate. During peak volumes it processes hundreds of risk assessments and recommendations per minute. “SMARTS provides our new platform with scalable, high-performance decisioning,” says David Jarmoluk, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, “We are able to easily change our decisions as business needs dictate and deploy these changes without going through the full software change process.”

Energy & Utilities

Generate a Digital Advantage

Energy and Utilities companies are in the midst of significant transformation as they continue to provide reliable, safe, and affordable energy. Organizations face infrastructure challenges with alternative energy sources and new energy storage technologies. Technological evolutions such as connected devices (smart meters, smart home automation, energy efficiency management) and big data, partially from the rise of smart devices, are creating opportunities to turn data into greater operational efficiencies and competitive advantage.

At the same time, digital business is raising customer expectations for customer self-service across all touch points (customer acquisition, billing, payment, service orders, and outage communications) and channels (web, interactive voice response (IVR), mobile, and social media).

Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS Decision Manager helps power and utilities organizations meet challenges and seize opportunities in compliance, customer experience, and operational performance:

  • Enterprise asset management, including analytics for condition based maintenance
  • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Customer segmentation and analytics
  • Multi-channel customer self-service
  • Customer account management, billing and invoicing

Using Sparkling Logic, ABT deploys next generation asset management solution

Using the Sparkling Logic business rules and analytics platform, ABT launched the cloud Internet of Things (IoT) Remote Auto Asset Management System (RAAMS) by combining data analytics from devices and remote sensors to drive compliance, repair, and maintenance decisions.

ABT engineers furnish install and maintain industrial battery and charging systems used in electric forklift trucks and automated guided vehicles at large distribution centers and manufacturing facilities.

Over 10 years ago, ABT pioneered an offering called GuaranteedPOWER® that bundles equipment and maintenance into a fixed monthly power fee which benefits customers by guaranteeing contracted cost and capital savings, ensuring the customer’s uptime, and eliminating the variable costs and unplanned expenses associated with batteries and charging systems.

The new remote asset management application takes ABT’s GuaranteedPOWER® offering to a new level by monitoring asset utilization and identifying and resolving equipment and compliance issues proactively and much faster than previously possible. Battery and charger assets are monitored remotely via sensors that send data via the Internet to ABT’s local server. “Previously, our engineers and account managers would review reports based on this sensor data in order to monitor utilization and prioritize servicing and repair work,” said Mike Shemancik, ABT CIO, “Now, using SMARTS, we have achieved near real-time analysis of this data and are able to respond immediately to
conditions that need attention. SMARTS’ interface is easy and intuitive enough to allow our engineering staff to create and maintain the business rules themselves.”