Intellifest 2012: Paul Vincent : Event Server

on October 24, 2012
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After a summary of what makes Big Data big, Paul spent some time presenting what TIBCO calls the “Event Server”.

The term “Event Server” has been used and over-used (I remember BEA, Oracle and IBM labeling various declinations of their server offering with that name), but Tibco has adopted it for what they position as the application server of the future: one that is able to cope with the various aspects of CEP (detection, rules, state management, etc…) on a highly scalable and available grid-based substrate. You can find some information on it here:

The interesting part is that, unless I misunderstand it, the Event Server maintains state, i.e. in other words, transforms the events into the dual state representation, which is what many ad-hoc “CEP”-like systems end up doing. For example, fraud detection systems typically transform events detected into profile features that are then used in further predictive analytics or business rules detection logic.

The Event Server has however been enhanced to accommodate the volumes, the change dynamics, and the complexity of Big Data and Big Events.

One announcement Paul made is that Tibco is now allowing access to their technology directly from the web. You will find those links in Paul’s presentation.

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