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Low-Code / No-Code Platform

Sparkling Logic Decision Intelligence Platform was designed from the ground up to be a Low-Code / No-Code platform. The easy to use, graphical approach enables multiple stakeholders to not only participate in the enterprise application creation process, but to experiment, understand, modify and deploy complex AI-driven enterprise applications.

low code no code platformUsing Sparkling Logic Low-Code / No-Code approach, creating intelligent decision logic has never been simpler and more accessible. In fact, modern low-code/no-code visual GUI techniques have evolved to the point that a business user and a business analysts can work alongside IT and data analysts to make actual changes to executable code and analyze and implement AI-driven decision logic in complex enterprise production systems.

Specifically, in the recent webinar, we show four of many examples of how easy it is to write, discover, manage and deploy decision logic using Sparkling Logic AI-driven decision intelligence platform. Companies like Equifax, Nike, SwissRE/IPTIQ, Enova Decisions, Centene and others apply these sophisticated tools to democratize development, broaden understanding and accelerate continuous improvement and deployment of their core risk, pricing and retail systems.

In the recent webinar we illustrate the 4 quick specific pointer to see 4 demos of the low-code / no-code authoring and analytics examples. (attached are the specific minute markers for your quick navigation).

  1. Low-Code / No-Code decision authoring (RedPen) ( min 16- min 27)

    Use Low-Code/No-Code Sparkling Logic Red-Pen™ approach to author, analyze, modify and deploy decision logic without coding

  2. Low-Code / No-Code Understanding decision logic (min 27 โ€“ min 35)

    Use graphical, real-time, no-code tools built into Sparkling Logic platform to visualize and manage complex business decision logic.

  3. Low-Code / No-Code Implement Complex Lookup Models (min 35- min 43)

    Use external tables (i.e. Excel) to implement and automate complex decisioning without coding.

  4. Low-Code /No-code Create Custom Business Apps (Orchestration) (min 43 โ€“ 56)

    Business App Orchestration allows Business users to author, modify, test and deploy powerful decision logic without coding and complexity of the access to the enterprise system.

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