Low-Code, No-Code with SMARTS

on December 7, 2022
low-code, no-code

SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Manager is a low-code, no-code decision management platform.

Intuitive Low-Code User Interface

Leveraging visual GUI techniques, our user interface is easy-to-use and easy-to-understand. As a result, business analysts and non-technical stakeholders can automate and manage operational decisions without IT. In our webinar on decision authoring, we cover four of our low-code, no-code capabilities:

  1. Decision Authoring: Business Analysts can use RedPen to author, analyze, modify, and deploy decision logic through point-and-click (Refer to ~16:00 to ~27:00 in the webinar).
  2. Decision Analytics: Business Analysts can leverage graphical, real-time, no-code tools to visualize and manage complex decision logic (Refer to ~27:00 to ~35:00 in the webinar).
  3. Implementing Lookup Models: Business Analysts can leverage external tables (ex. Excel) through a Lookup Model to automate complex decision logic (Refer to ~35:00 to ~43:00 in the webinar).
  4. Creating Custom Business Apps: Business Analysts can create and automate workflows through an Orchestration (Refer to ~43:00 to ~56:00 in the webinar).

As a result, organizations across the globe have made SMARTS™ their decision management platform of choice, for a multitude of applications, including:

  • Banking: payment fraud, risk management, loan approvals, credit scoring, collections, customer acquisition and retention, up-sell/cross-sell
  • Insurance: automated claims processing, rating engines, claims fraud, document configuration, customer retention, up-sell/cross-sell, best-fit recommendations
  • Healthcare: health evaluations and recommendations, appropriate-use criteria, readmissions and outcome management
  • Retail: up-sell/cross-sell, campaign optimization, social media management, next-best offer
  • Manufacturing and Utilities: quote generation, predictive maintenance, asset and inventory management, warranty claims

Manage Decisions with AI Assistant

A new add-on to SMARTS™, AI Assistant in an interactive tool that enables users to complete decision management tasks through generative AI. Using natural language, users can complete the following:

  • Create and modify project assets including data and business rules
  • Generate easy-to-understand explanations for decision logic and outcomes
  • Ask product questions and get summaries of and links to relevant information from SMARTS™ Documentation

Learn more about SMARTS™ Low-Code, No-Code capabilities

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Sparkling Logic Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company dedicated to helping organizations automate and optimize key decisions in daily business operations and customer interactions in a low-code, no-code environment. Our core product, SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Manager, is an all-in-one decision management platform designed for business analysts to quickly automate and continuously optimize complex operational decisions. Learn more by requesting a live demo or free trial today.