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on March 28, 2011
SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform

You all know how much passion I have for Decision Management but do you know about my interest in Product Management?

After years in the field doing implementations, consulting and selling the technology, I moved to Product Management shortly after joining the Blaze Advisor team.  I loved that discipline.  It was a great way to combine my interest in actual customer problems with my technical expertise in a way that could scale.  How gratifying it has been — and still is — to define the vision and roadmap for products I care about!

I have decided to help out at Product Camp this year.  P-Camp is a movement that took off a couple of years ago around the globe to host & mix Product Marketers and Product Managers of all sorts.  I found this unconference very valuable, very different, very exciting.  If you are not familiar with it, the idea is that the attendees get to select the sessions.  Anyone can submit ideas for sessions and those with the most votes get to present.  The process is very transparent.

I wanted to share my experience of running game-like sessions for Product Managers.  I might actually share more details on how Gamification can be leveraged in Decision Management as well — but that will be for a different forum, likely this blog.  In my session at P-Camp, I will focus on Gamification for Product Managers struggling to channel, sort and prioritize user requests.

If you are in the Bay area — or in the eBay area I should say — feel free to drop by for my session at 10am.  Twitter code will be #SVPCamp

If you have not registered yet, bad news…  The show is sold out…  We reached our 1,100 attendee target.

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