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Davorin Kuchan Appointed New CEO of Sparkling Logic, Inc.

DavorinPortraitSquareColorSparkling Logic today announced the appointment of Davorin Kuchan as their new Chief Executive Officer and member of Board of Directors effective immediately.  Kuchan previously held key management positions at Capbridge Ventures, Texas Instruments, Telogy Networks and Neuron Data.  He will assume responsibilities immediately and will succeed Carole-Ann Matignon, co-founder of Sparkling Logic, who will continue her role as the Chief Product Officer.

“Sparkling Logic has the unique opportunity to revolutionize Advanced Data Analytics market,” Kuchan said. “By empowering business analysts to reach beyond data visualization and simple analytics, Sparkling Logic offers unprecedented capabilities for modeling and implementing decision logic to provide real value to the enterprise. I am honored to have been chosen to lead the company during this exciting growth stage.”

“We think Davorin’s skillset is a perfect complement to the Sparkling Logic team and will allow us to grow significantly,” said Matignon. “I will continue to focus on what I love most, building great products that customers love and that create market changing innovation. The whole team at Sparkling Logic is very excited about these new developments.”

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First Rate Exchange Services Selects Sparkling Logic SMARTS for Enterprise Decision Management

First Rate

SMARTS to increase the agility and scalability of First Rate’s IT infrastructure

Sparkling Logic announced today from the Building Business Capability Conference 2013 that First Rate Exchange Service, the UK’s largest supplier of foreign currency, has selected Sparkling Logic SMARTS decision management system as part of their new IT platform to support aggressive plans to diversify their customer, product, and market coverage.  First Rate is one of the foremost FX experts in the industry; with a multi-billion pound retail business and over 15 years’ experience providing travel money solutions for companies in the finance, travel, and retail sectors.

“At First Rate we are constantly developing our FX offering to anticipate and satisfy the growing market’s needs.  Innovation is key to both our success and the success of our customers.” says Nick Collins, Head of Business Solutions, “Sparkling Logic SMARTS will enable us to reduce costs and time to market by improving the agility of our systems and enabling the rapid and efficient implementation of business and market driven changes.  We chose SMARTS for its comprehensive decision management environment with out-of-the-box integration of business rules, and predictive analytics, and focus on decision improvement.  In addition to enabling flexibility in our core systems, SMARTS will allow us to proactively manage the business results of our automated decisions.“

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Sparkling Logic Powers Onlife Health’s Award-Winning Web Portal


SMARTS Decision Management recommends goals and actions to help participants improve their health.

Sparkling Logic today announced  from BBC 2013 that Onlife Health, a leading national wellness company has deployed a SMARTS decision service as part of their award-winning Onlife Health Portal.   Onlife is a leading provider of wellness management services to business and health plans.   According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2013, seventy-seven percent of employers offering health benefits also offered some form of wellness program.  “As healthcare costs continue to increase for employers, wellness programs have become an important employee benefit, empowering employees to more proactively manage their health,” says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic’s CEO, “ Onlife is a known leader in corporate wellness programs and we are very pleased to be part of their wellness portal.”

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Sparkling Logic Introduces First Test and Learn Support for Decision Management Projects

SMARTS latest release empowers business experts to experiment, measure, and deploy the most effective decisioning strategy.

Sparkling Logic today announced the general availability of the Lisbon release of their SMARTS™ next-generation decision management system. This release is the first decision management offering to provide built-in support for the well-established Champion/Challenger methodology, which is commonly used to evaluate the effectiveness of changes to the organization’s decision logic particularly for marketing and risk decisions involving some degree of uncertainty.

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Sparkling Logic Awarded New Patent for Decision Management

SMARTS RedPen innovation simplifies and accelerates business rule authoring.

Sparkling Logic today announced that it has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, invention number 8,554,711. The patent, covering Sparkling Logic’s innovative RedPen decision authoring technology, is implemented in its SMARTS Decision Management System. “RedPen dramatically reduces the learning curve and reduces time to production for our customers since business experts are productive immediately, without learning a special rule language or syntax,” says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic’s CEO. “Innovations like our RedPen rule elicitation are what allows SMARTS to expand beyond the niche market of current Decision Management offerings.”

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Next-Generation Insurance Fraud Detection System Built on Sparkling Logic SMARTS

paper workInsuPector addresses problem of increasing fraud loss in Japan.

Sparkling Logic today announced that Blaze Consulting Japan, Inc., Tokyo, Japan, and Smart Logic Solution, Seoul, Korea have jointly developed InsuPector, a solution for insurance fraud detection for the Japanese Market, using Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS decision management platform. Claims leakage, including fraud, accounts for 10 to 16 percent of claim losses. Insurance fraud is a growing problem in Asia where total fraud in the auto insurance industry alone is estimated to be more than 10 billion dollars. “Each year billions of dollars are lost to insurance fraud and as a result customers face increasing rates. Fraud rings are getting more sophisticated and insurance companies need a comprehensive approach to identifying suspicious claims,” says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic CEO. “SMARTS provides an ideal solution by combining business rules and predictive analytics in an integrated offering and we are proud to be a part of the InsuPector solution.”

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Read James Taylor’s Recent Update on SMARTS

James Taylor

July 17, 2013 — James Taylor, one of the leading experts on Decision Management, recently wrote an update on the latest SMARTS release, Kyoto.  James is the CEO and a Principal Consultant of Decision Management Solutions.  He  has written several well-known books on Decision Management and is a regular keynote speaker at conferences.

Read James Taylor’s update to learn more about the new features in SMARTS Kyoto release!

Sparkling Logic Releases Decision Management for Enterprise Projects

kyotoDelivering on the promise of enterprise-wide decision management

Sparkling Logic today announced the general availability of the Kyoto release of their SMARTS™ next-generation decision management system.  This release is focused on simplifying the management of truly complex decision management projects where decision logic is often shared and re-used in multiple decisions or in variations of the same decision.

Many organizations invest in business rule or decision management systems to help them simplify, manage and automate their complex decision logic but most offerings don’t deliver on the promise.  The latest SMARTS release is the only decision management offering to enable true enterprise decision management with support for cascading decision logic, hierarchical tags, cross-project views and updates, and decision repository replication.

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