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Sparkling Logic Deploys First Cloud Decision Management and Execution Service to NARF Ekstra AS

pintell_profilering-digital-01 1SMARTS Decision Management and Deployment enables Norwegian Accounting Association to provide expert guidance to Norway’s accountants

Sparkling Logic today announced that NARF Ekstra AS, the commercial subsidiary of NARF (Norges Autoriserte Regnskapsføreres Forening) the Norwegian Association of Authorized Accountants, has deployed the first decision management and execution service in the cloud.  NARF Ekstra AS implemented Sparkling Logic SMARTS decision management system to manage and execute decisions for their newly available online guides on the Pintell portal ( for Norwegian accountants.

“Traditionally decision management technology has been limited to organizations with significant IT resources,” says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic CEO.  “By offering SMARTS’ decision management and decision execution in the cloud we are making this technology available to smaller companies.  SMARTS’ offerings are completely out-of-the-box, requiring no customization or installation.  We are very proud to be a part of NARF Ekstra AS’ new portal for accountants.”

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Sparkling Logic Pushes the Limits of Decision Management Testing

johannesburgBusiness experts can now leverage data in a new way to improve decision quality

Sparkling Logic today announced the general availability of Johannesburg, the latest release of their SMARTS™ next-generation decision management system.  This release is focused on improving the business user’s confidence and comfort-level as they author decision logic.  With this latest release, business experts can complement traditional decision testing and verification with a new approach to data validation.  Business experts can document expected data values or ranges of values in the decision management interface, and explore whether their decision logic execution is consistent with their expectations.

“Focusing on business rules in the abstract has made it hard for business experts to sign-off with confidence on decision quality,” said Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic CEO.  “This new approach to decision testing, by involving use cases further, remains true to the SMARTS vision: we thrive to create an experience for the business that is practical and effective.”

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Sparkling Logic Introduces the First Business-Ready Decision Technology at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

istanbulSMARTS ends the hunt for hard-to-find decision modeling experts

Sparkling Logic announced the general availability of Sparkling Logic SMARTS™ Istanbul release from Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2012.

“Scarce availability of decision modeling experts has limited the adoption of decision management technology”, says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic CEO.  “By lowering the learning curve, SMARTS truly engages business experts in capturing business rules and exploiting data through analytics for the purpose of improving decision outcome.  Seeing the impact of change, and experimenting on various scenarios, becomes fun and exciting.  This focus on business decision rather that rules ensures the success of their initiatives.”

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Sparkling Logic Introduces the First Decision Simulation in the Era of Big Data

honoluluDelivering MapReduce infrastructure out-of-the-box to enable simulation of varying decision strategies prior to deployment

Sparkling Logic today announced a revolutionary simulation framework as part of their SMARTS™ Decision Management system, enabling companies to perform decision simulations on large datasets without expensive configuration and set-up.   SMARTS empowers organizations in virtually every industry to improve the business impact and performance of their process and transaction oriented decisions, on the cloud and on-premise.  Using this new capability that implements MapReduce to process large datasets, SMARTS users are now able to seamlessly run decision simulations against datasets of millions of records and compare those results to multiple runs in the SMARTS business intelligence dashboard.

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Sparkling Logic Named “COOL VENDOR” by Leading Analyst Firm!


Sparkling Logic is recognized by leading industry analyst firm as innovative, impactful and intriguing

Sparkling Logic, the company founded by the team of leading experts in Decision Management, today announced that it has been included in Gartner Inc.’s “Cool Vendors in Business Process Management, 2012” report by Michele Cantara, Jim Sinur, Teresa Jones, Janelle B. Hill and Simon F Jacobson.

Sparkling Logic SMARTS™ product is an innovative, impactful technology that complements Business Process Management tools to support automated Decision-Making. Separating decision logic from the rest of the process enables its effective management, increased agility, and ultimately improved predictability and business performance. Decision Management is used for a wide spectrum of applications including insurance underwriting, fraud detection, loan processing, and pricing, benefit and commission calculations. SMARTS represents the next-generation Decision Management system by uniquely integrating business rule management, business analytics, and social collaboration in the Cloud.

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Sparkling Logic announces Geneva release and BluePen module


Adapt business strategies effectively by iterating rapidly between Business Rules and Analytics at the first signs of business change

Sparkling Logic, the company founded by the team of leading experts in Decision Management, announced today the general availability of Sparkling Logic SMARTS™ Geneva release, and the introduction of new business analytics with its BluePen™ module.

“Business rules embody knowledge from domain experts,” said Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic Chief Executive Officer. “But data embodies experience, and analytics can help extract invaluable insight. Bringing those activities together allows short cycles for those decisions that need ultimate agility.”

BluePen is the latest add-on to the innovative Sparkling Logic SMARTS product. Beyond the business intelligence dashboards originally on the Decision Management platform, business analytics now enable the business expert to tap into fresh datasets to better understand correlations, and eventually induce rules that could constitute a starting point for the expert to refine.

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Dr. Charles Forgy Joins Sparkling Logic as Strategic Advisor


The inventor of RETE brings new algorithm & expertise to Sparkling Logic, the new Decision Management company

Sparkling Logic, the company founded by the team of leading experts in Decision Management, announced today that Dr. Charles Forgy has joined the company as a strategic advisor. Dr. Forgy, an industry leader in the field of artifical intelligence, will contribute to the Research & Development efforts of the company as the company continues developing its Decision Management innovation. Additionally, the Sparkling Logic SMARTS™ product is the first to integrate Dr. Forgy’s latest Rete-NT algorithm.

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cmatignonMichael Lippis interviews Carole-Ann Matignon, CEO Sparkling Logic, as part of his Decision Management campaign for the Outlook Series.

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