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Sparkling Logic Introduces Dynamic Questionnaires with Latest Release

Latest Sparkling Logic SMARTSTM release improves user experience for websites that gather information to drive decisions.

Sunnyvale, CA., January 6, 2019– Sparkling Logic today announced the general availability of the latest release of its AI-driven SMARTSTM decision management platform. This release introduces Dynamic Questionnaires for websites that collect information for decision-making based on user responses and business policies. Examples of applications that benefit from this feature include applications that: collect information for loan or insurance applications, provide interactive guidance to physicians during medical examinations, determine benefits eligibility, provide interactive configuration for products or services, and provide guidance for business licensing.

“These types of applications can be difficult to develop and maintain,” said Carole-Ann Berlioz, Sparkling Logic CPO. “Our solution empowers business analysts to quickly and easily automate complex interactions with a graphical flow of pages, questions, and decision logic.”

SMARTS Dynamic Questionnaires feature allows organizations to quickly and easily automate complex online guidance based on user interactions. Business Analysts write rules to evaluate responses and determine the next questions and information to present in the web interface.

“We rely on Sparkling Logic SMARTS in our KS Komplett platform to provide interactive guidance to Norway’s accountants that helps them better server their clients. SMARTS Dynamic Questionnaire feature will help us manage and keep this service up to date with ever-changing laws and tax regulations.” said Hans Christian Ellefsen, Head of Technology and Innovation at Accounting Norway.

In addition to the new Dynamic Questionnaire feature, this release introduces the ability to install SMARTS as a Docker container. This complements the other installation modes that SMARTS offers (as a service or virtual appliance).

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