Next-Generation Insurance Fraud Detection System Built on Sparkling Logic SMARTS

InsuPector insurance fraud detection addresses problem of increasing fraud loss in Japan.

Sparkling Logic today announced that Blaze Consulting Japan, Inc., Tokyo, Japan, and Smart Logic Solution, Seoul, Korea have jointly developed InsuPector, a solution for insurance fraud detection for the Japanese Market, using Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS decision management platform. Insurance fraud is a growing problem in Asia. Claims leakage, including fraud, accounts for 10 to 16 percent of claim losses. In addition, total fraud in the auto insurance industry alone is estimated to be more than 10 billion dollars. “Each year billions of dollars are lost to insurance fraud and as a result customers face increasing rates. Fraud rings are getting more sophisticated. Insurance companies need a comprehensive approach to identifying suspicious claims,” says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic CEO. “SMARTS provides an ideal solution by combining business rules and predictive analytics in an integrated offering and we are proud to be a part of the InsuPector solution.”

Combining Analytics with Business Rules

The majority of insurance fraud detection systems deployed in Asia mainly rely on statistics and analytics. But statistics and analytics require a sufficient quantity of fraud data to be effective. Often, even large insurance companies don’t have sufficient fraud data. It is almost impossible for small and medium sized companies to collect this data.

InsuPector addresses this problem by combining analytics with over 500 rule-based fraud patterns. Companies can extend these patterns to meet their specific needs and further refine them through a built-in performance monitoring and feedback loop. Unlike many fraud detection and prevention systems, claims experts drove much of the development of InsuPector. As a result, InsuPector truly helps companies improve overall business performance.

InsuPector is anticipated to increase fraud detection rates by at least 10 percent while giving insurance companies a significant improvement in their ability to prevent claims leakages and control and measure the claims process. By relying more on business rules, InsuPector enables improved business-IT collaboration and lowers total cost of ownership by allowing business experts to add custom rules as new products are added or new fraud cases discovered. “InsuPector effectively addresses the growing problem of fraud loss in the Japanese insurance market with the latest fraud detection technologies specifically addressing the needs of small and medium-sized insurers,” says H. Sako, Blaze Consulting, Japan CEO. Blaze Consulting Japan is currently working to deliver and install two systems with their SI partners within 5-6 months.

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