NinjaHoldings Revolutionizing FinTech Solutions for the Underbanked through SMARTS™

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Managing credit risk decisions through best-of-breed decision management technology

Sunnyvale, CA, October 19, 2023 – Since 2017, NinjaHoldings has been revolutionizing financial services for underserved Americans. In order to enhance their credit risk management capabilities, NinjaHoldings has recently adopted SMARTS™.

“Through Sparkling Logic and SMARTS™, we’ll be able to innovate and iterate faster to deliver superior financial products and customer service to consumers that are underserved by traditional banks,” said Mark Friedgan, CEO of NinjaHoldings.

“NinjaHoldings understands the power of data,” said Carole-Ann Berlioz, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Sparkling Logic. “We’re pleased to be able to provide the decision management technology that will enable them to quickly transform data insights into action and support their mission in reshaping how everyday Americans engage with money.”

“Having been an early adopter of business rules management systems, I knew the value of having a decision management platform in our organization,” said Friedgan. “I was very impressed by Sparkling Logic SMARTS™. Our best-of-breed strategy drives what technologies we buy versus build and this was a definite buy for us.”

NinjaHoldings will use SMARTS™ to manage proprietary risk models and scores used by its subsidiary, CreditNinja, to arrange personal loans. In addition, NinjaHoldings is exploring Sparkling Logic’s custom, no-code business app solutions to further simplify decision management tasks. NinjaHoldings also plans to expand SMARTS™ applications into other products in the future.

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About NinjaHoldings

NinjaHoldings was founded in 2017 by a team of entrepreneurs and data scientists who pioneered data-driven digital lending. We seek to revolutionize the way everyday Americans who are underserved by traditional banks interact with financial services. Our world-class proprietary technology powers simple, transparent B2C and B2B banking, credit, and payment solutions. Always a step ahead, our portfolio of brands continues to grow to provide a single stop, full suite of digital finance solutions.

For more information, visit the company’s website at

About Sparkling Logic

Sparkling Logic Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based company dedicated to helping organizations automate and optimize key decisions in daily business operations and customer interactions in a low-code, no-code environment. Our customers include global leaders in financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, utilities, and IoT.

SMARTS™ by Sparkling Logic is a modern, enterprise-level, application-agnostic, decision-management platform that enables non-technical analysts and SMEs to easily manage business-critical decisions, whether explicit or AI-driven, with minimal IT resources.

SMARTS™ Applications for Financial Services

Whether you’re a fintech startup or established bank, credit union, or alternative lender, SMARTS™ enables you to strategically augment your fraud, credit, and operational risk decisions through a microservices approach.

Applications include:

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