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Together with our partners, we help organizations worldwide harvest their data and expertise to better automate their decisions.

“Sparkling Logic stood out from the crowd. The functionality, configurability and ease of use of SMARTS™ ticked all our boxes. But what really impressed us was the genuine desire by their team to create a true partnership and build a foundation from which we could both grow together.”

-Richard Tomlinson, Managing Director at Percayso Inform

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Highlighted Partners

Cognizant Logo

Cognizant is an American multinational information technology services and consulting company. It is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, U.S. Cognizant is part of the NASDAQ-100 and trades under CTSH.

Decisive AS Logo

Decisive AS is a Norwegian IT consulting company established in 2003. As the leading consulting organization specializing in decision management and business rule systems in Scandinavia, Decisive’s clients include the largest enterprises in the public and private sectors.

Decisive helps customers achieve their business objectives by providing highly qualified consultants with years of experience in implementing decision management and business rule solutions.

Digital Decision LLC Logo

The team, Digital-Decisioning (DIGITAL DECISION LLC) is a leader in digital transformation, partnering with Japanese companies to automate and improve operational decisioning.

  1. We Understand the Japanese Market: The team, Digital Decisioning is well-versed in the Japanese cultural and business environment. We work with many Japanese companies in the financial and other sectors. We offer unique solutions tailored to your needs and ensure your success in the market.
  2. Diverse Service Offerings: The team, Digital Decisioning offers a wide range of services, including Business Rules and Machine Learning solutions, Business Analytics education/training, licensing offerings, and consulting services. We are flexible and adaptable to your project and help facilitate the implementation of your decision management technology and systems.
  3. BRMS/Digital Decisioning Platform Service Expertise: The team, Digital Decisioning is an expert in BRMS (Business Rule Management Systems) and DDP (Digital Decisioning Platforms Service). Our expertise and experiences in this field allows us to streamline and optimize your digital decision-making process. Combined with business analytics, we can help you leverage insights from your data to support strategic decision making.
  4. Success through Teamwork: The team, Digital Decisioning values collaboration to achieve success with our clients. Through our strategic partners in the USA, South Korea, and other countries, we’ve expanded our solutions into Data Health, One-To-One Marketing, IoT, and Fraud Detection supported by multiple technologies for automating decisions through data, rules, and analytics.
Equifax Logo

Since 2014, Equifax has been transforming InterConnect, their cloud-based, modular decision management platform, into a more modern, global service that serves the decisioning needs of customers worldwide.

The vision for this service was to help integrate rule development, testing, reporting, visualization, optimization, and deployment activities into a single environment for quicker and more efficient decision policy management.

To help accomplish this, Equifax needed a partner that could deliver a more flexible, user-friendly business rules management system (BRMS) and could work seamlessly with the new Equifax cloud-based, micro-services architecture. In addition, Equifax needed a team that were experts in decision management to partner with Equifax in providing a best-in-class BRMS to serve their growing customer base.

In the end, Equifax partnered with Sparkling Logic to deliver InterConnect Rules Editor. This powerful tool allows business users to:

  • Quickly create new rules or modify existing rules. RedPen™ rule authoring enables an efficient point and click way to help quickly build or modify rules to efficiently implement new business policy.
  • Develop test data sets for repeated use. Easily create test data or import production data (CSV, JSON, or XML) to test rules on your local PC.
  • Create a more bullet proof business policy. Custom reports allow you test and track key performance indicators at a glance to help ensure your business rules are performing as expected before IT starts integration testing.

As a result, Equifax customers are able to go to market faster, achieve higher quality decisions, and improve results across many lines of businesses simultaneously.

Learn more about InterConnect

Hitachi Solutions Create Logo

Hitachi Solutions Create, a Hitachi Group company, provides IT solutions under the Hitachi Digital Systems & Services business.

We have built mission-critical systems in a variety of fields, including finance, economic and social infrastructure, manufacturing and distribution. Our strength lies in our ability to provide solutions that use our expertise and combine a wide range of products and services.

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Kadlog Logo

Kadlog, Knowledge and Decision Automation Logic, is an IT consulting company specialized in knowledge and decision automation based in Paris, France and founded by a former ILOG / IBM executive.

Kadlog’s mission is to enable organizations to efficiently leverage data and knowledge in business-critical digital transformation projects.

Kadlog serves various industries including finance, insurance, healthcare, transportation, defense, and cybersecurity.

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Percayso Inform Logo

Percayso Inform’s next generation insurance intelligence goes beyond traditional data enrichment by providing unique solutions at all stages of the insurance lifecycle.

Percayso solutions deliver unrivalled uplift for both insurers and brokers, creating a powerful competitive advantage. Percayso Inform’s comprehensive partner network is growing rapidly with a broad range of public, private and consented data in addition to its proprietary data and platform solutions.

Percayso Inform represents a substantial step forward for insurance businesses looking to reduce claims, fraud and cancellations, retain customers and write more profitable business.


Xinshu Logo

Xinshu Financial Information Services Company is a fin-tech company based in Shanghai, China. It is a leading analytics service provider in China and serves an elite portfolio of Chinese corporations. Xinshu helps its customers make better decisions with deep knowledge in both technical and business capacities.

Technology Partners

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