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PENCIL Decision Modeler

PENCIL Decision Modeler

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Pencil Decision Modeler lets you model the way your organization makes its operational decisions.  Unlike spreadsheet, document, and diagramming tools, Pencil lets you organize business decisions the way you think and is built on a collaborative platform to improve communication among team members and stakeholders.

Pencil lets you:

  • Model decisions using a standard approach during the early phases of a project
  • Collaborate with team members and stake-holders to define decisions and business rules
  • Directly generate business rules in SMARTS Decision Manager to begin testing with real data


PENCIL Decision ModelModel decisions using a standard approach from the start of your projects

Pencil Decision Modeler uses the standard Decision Model and Notation (DMN) representation, enabling you to leverage industry-wide business analysis skills. Using an intuitive graphical interface, you can capture data requirements, decision models and business rules to achieve the best explicit description of the decisions required for your business application.


Collaborate on business rules and decisions

PENCIL Decision TableDecision models and business rules are easy to understand and explain using Pencil, facilitating collaboration among team members and project stakeholders. Data elements (inputs and outputs to the decision) are automatically captured in the glossary, encouraging consistent use of business terminology. Pencil allows you to document and link to business requirements maintaining traceability to source documents. Finally, as you refine and evolve your decision models, Pencil keeps track of your changes using versions so you can easily see how a decision has evolved over time or revert back to a previous version.


Test, execute and deploy your business rules and decisions

When you are ready, you can create a SMARTS Decision Manager project from your decision model so you can test and execute your decision and business rules using real data. Running simulations using historical or test data lets you refine your business rules and ensure optimal and predictable decision results that meet your organization’s business objectives.

Test, execute and deploy your business rules and decisions

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