Percayso Inform partners with Sparkling Logic

Percayso Inform

Data intelligence provider using SMARTS to deliver no-code quote manipulation solution

1 November 2021: Insurance data intelligence provider, Percayso Inform, is proud to announce that it has selected Sparkling Logic as a key partner in the delivery of Percayso Inform Manager – its newly launched no-code quote manipulation solution.

Percayso selected Sparkling Logic SMARTS™ as the decision engine to support this ground-breaking solution for UK insurers, MGAs and brokers.

SMARTS™ is a cloud-based, low-code/no-code, AI-powered business decision management platform that unifies authoring, testing, deployment and maintenance of operational decisions. SMARTS combines highly scalable inference engines with predictive analytics and machine learning models and low-code functionality to create intelligent decisioning systems.

“Sparkling Logic stood out from the crowd. The functionality, configurability and ease of use of SMARTS™ ticked all our boxes but what really impressed us was the genuine desire by their team to create a true partnership and build a foundation from which we could both grow together,” says Percayso Inform Managing Director, Richard Tomlinson. “Working together we have delivered a unique proposition for insurance providers – one that means they no longer have to rely on external third parties to hard-code changes to their data enrichment, rating and intelligence strategies. The potential competitive advantage this could deliver is huge.”

Percayso Inform Manager allows insurance providers of all shapes and sizes from start-ups to global insurance businesses across personal and commercial lines to dynamically and intuitively build, adapt and optimise their own data enrichment, rating and intelligence strategies. It enables high volume data ingestion, rules configuration, operational and strategic decision management as well as a string of valuable features such as reporting, dashboards, champion challenger, data manipulation and more.

“From the start of our discussions, we were very excited to work with Percayso Inform, which for us is an example of real transformation in the modern insurance industry, driven by data and automation,” said Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Sparkling Logic, Carole-Ann Berlioz. “Their vision is bold, their strategy is clear, and their solution is innovative. It is always an honour for us to work with such game changers.”

About Percayso Inform
Percayso Inform’s insurance intelligence goes beyond traditional data enrichment, providing unique, real-time solutions at all stages of the insurance lifecycle and delivers unrivalled insight into insurance customers, risk and fraud.

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About Sparkling Logic
Sparkling Logic is a Silicon Valley company dedicated to helping businesses automate and improve the quality of their operational decisions with a powerful digital decisioning platform, accessible to business analysts and ‘citizen developers’. Sparkling Logic’s customers include global leaders in financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail, utility, and IoT.

Sparkling Logic was honored by CIO Review as one of the Most Promising Fintech Services and Consulting Companies in 2021.

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