Product Demos

See our SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform in action

Getting Started With A New Decision

Watch this video to learn how Sparkling Logic SMARTS™ empowers business analysts to author and test decisions without support from IT.

SMARTS™ RedPen™ Rule Authoring

Watch this short video to learn how business analysts can write rules in the context of data using a patented feature of SMARTS™ called RedPen™.

Fluid Metaphors

Watch this demo to learn how you can view and edit the same rules as text rules, a decision table, a decision tree, or a decision graph.

Decision Analytics

Learn how you can run simulations and monitor changes to KPI’s and metrics in SMARTS™ dashboard reports.

Understanding Your Decision

Learn how Sparkling Logic SMARTS™ provides features that accelerate development and testing by helping you analyze how your decision executes.