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Learn more about Sparkling Logic’s revolutionary approach to automating business decisions.


International Bridge Case Study

International Bridge Improves Screening Accuracy with SMARTS

Learn why International Bridge selected SMARTS as the decision engine and core component of their product classification and import screening system (PCE).

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Weshare Delivers Leading Lending Platform Powered by SMARTS

Learn how worldwide cash lender Weshare Finance overcame several key challenges with SMARTS.

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LTCG modernizes Claims Management

LTCG modernizes Claims Management

Learn how LTCG uses Sparkling Logic SMARTS to make prompt and accurate claim decisions, approve all eligible claims, and develop clinically-sound, comprehensive care plans.

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Willis Towers Watson-Connected Broking Platform

Willis Towers Watson unlocks potential with Connected Broking Platform

Learn how Willis Towers Watson selected, built, and deployed their new Connected Broking platform using Sparkling Logic SMARTS as the decision engine.

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SMARTS Decision Manager

SMARTS Decision Manager Data Sheet

SMARTS Decision Manager helps you automate decisions made by your enterprise systems using business rules and predictive analytic models, combined with real world results to continuously improve the quality of these decisions.


PENCIL Decision Modeler Data Sheet

PENCIL Decision Modeler Data Sheet

PENCIL Decision Modeler helps you discover, document, and collaborate around critical business decisions. Use PENCIL to model and document the decision logic and business rules that define how business decisions are made using the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard.


SMARTS Decision Management Platform

SMARTS Decision Management Platform White Paper

Automated decisions are at the heart of your business processes. These operational decisions provide the foundation for your digital business initiatives and are critical to the success and profitability of your business. Learn how SMARTS Decision Management Platform lets you define agile, targeted, and optimal decisions and deploy them to highly available, efficient, and scalable decision services.


Bloor Report

Bloor Report: Sparkling Logic Brings SMARTS to Decisions

If you’re looking to automate decisions across any sector, you should consider Sparkling Logic. Read Bloor’s report to learn how SMARTS Decision Manager and PENCIL Decision Modeler can make your decisions smarter.


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