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Financial Services

Credit and Risk Decisioning

Learn why Equifax chose SMARTS as the rules engine for their InterConnect decision management system.

Hong Kang Life Insurance


Underwriting and Claims Management

Find out how Hong Kang Life Insurance was able to drastically reduce application processing time.



Case Management

See how IMDi was able to quickly implement and manage Norway’s integration policies.

International Bridge


Product Classification and Screening

Find out how International Bridge was able to significantly increase operational capacity.



Claims Management

See how LTCG was able to efficiently automate and streamline their claims adjudication processes.


Financial Services

Credit Risk Management

Learn how WeShare successfully transferred ownership and management of credit risk decisions from IT to business.

Willis Towers Watson


Global Broking

See why Willis Towers Watson chose SMARTS as the decision engine for their Connected Broking platform.


SMARTS™ Decision Management Platform

Sparkling Logic White Paper

Learn how SMARTS™ Decision Management Platform lets you define agile, targeted, and optimal decisions and deploy them to highly available, efficient, and scalable decision services.

SMARTS™ Decision Manager

Sparkling Logic Technical White Paper

This white paper focuses on the technical aspects of SMARTS™ Decision Manager and is intended for IT Architects to understand how to best fit SMARTS™ into their enterprise ecosystem.

Data: From Technical Resource to Strategic Asset

Sparkling Logic Article

In less than a decade, data has evolved from a resource for evaluating business performance to an asset used to predict the future of the business. It will soon become an asset used to automate…

Automating Decisions

Sparkling Logic Article

Decisions are at the heart of every organization. Here is an article published in VentureBeat to learn more about the different tools that organizations use to support or automate their decisions…

Sparkling Logic: Simple and Holistic Decision Making

CIOReview Cover Story

CIOReview’s editors recognized Sparkling Logic’s decision management technology as a highly sophisticated, yet easy to use, platform for developing, deploying, and improving operational decisions.


Decision Management

Author your decisions in the context of data, test them in-place, measure the impact on your business before deploying new regulation, promote them safely through the lifecycle without IT assistance.

Pencil, RedPen™, BluePen

Although SMARTS™ provides everything a business analyst needs to create and improve decisions, we have made life even easier with three independent low-code no-code tools: Pencil, RedPen™, and BluePen. Use them individually or all together.

AI & ModelOps

Import, customize, operationalize predictive models developed by your data scientists, empower your experts to trigger their own machine learning jobs, test strategies in the context of end-to-end decisions.

Low-Code, No-Code

Design intelligent front-ends that capture pertinent data for your decision services, engage business users to join in the maintenance, testing, and distribution of decision logic, while enforcing governance.

Real-Time Decision Analytics

Define KPIs and design dashboards that apply throughout the lifecycle from development to production, conduct simulations on large scale data samples, monitor business performance in real-time, and get notified when business performance drifts.


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