Learn how you can use Sparkling Logic to transform your business to a digital business.

Interdisciplinary skills, as well as deep business understanding and domain knowledge, are critical for automating data-driven decisions. Sparkling Logic facilitates collaboration between business analysts, data scientists, and information technologists to help organizations deploy decision services that enhance customer interactions and achieve business goals.

For Business Analysts

Using Sparkling Logic, business analysts are able to go well beyond translating business requirements into executable business rules in automated decisions. With Sparkling Logic, business analysts can discover ways to make those decisions better, improving business results while still remaining compliant.

Model Decisions

  • Leverage the DMN industry standard and highly productive graphical representations to model decisions and business rules then test and execute those decisions using real data with no set-up or support required from IT.
  • Write the “right” rules by exploring your historical data and leveraging data insight to guide your rule authoring.
  • Sparkling Logic products are ideally suited for Agile methodologies where executing rules are delivered and demonstrated for each iteration or sprint.

Analyze Decisions

  • Use a graphical dashboard and a powerful simulation environment to define and track the metrics and performance indicators that enable you to assess the quality of your modeled decisions prior to deployment.
  • Run large-scale simulations to evaluate decision results against different data segments or to compare one decision strategy to another.

Deploy Decisions

  • Deploy your optimized decisions and business rules on the cloud or on-premise and monitor their business results to continue to refine and improve as customers and market conditions change.
  • Deploy champion-challenger experiments to determine if alternative decision approaches outperform the existing approach.

For Data Analysts/Scientists

Data Scientists typically develop models and test them to ensure their predictive power and accuracy, but rarely do they participate in validating the effectiveness of those models in operational systems where they deliver business value. Sparkling Logic enables data analysts to import predictive models (built with tools like SAS, SPSS, and R) via PMML into operational decisions where they can be deployed for model scoring in real-time. Once deployed, these models can be continuously monitored and maintained to ensure they remain effective as circumstances and data change.

Include Models in Decisions

  • Produce PMML models from any leading commercial or open-source data-mining tool and import them into SMARTS Decision Manager where they can be versioned, managed, and leveraged in operational decisions.
  • Use SMARTS’ predictive analytics capability to produce “engineerable” models in the form of SMARTS business rules that are easy to understand and use in operational decisions.

Analyze Models in Decisions

  • Go beyond quantitative and statistical measures of model accuracy and use the right business metrics and dashboards to understand the business value and contribution of your model to business decisions.
  • Use graphical tools and a powerful map-reduce simulation environment to ensure your models are optimal and well-behaved with respect to the large number of often conflicting business metrics, and that they stay that way after deployment.

Deploy Models in Decisions

  • Deploy models into production on the cloud or on-premise for real-time model scoring and monitor their health through metrics and performance indicators.
  • Since models built using historical data can perform poorly once deployed, perform real-world testing by deploying multiple (competing) models using SMARTS’ Champion / Challenger framework.

For Information Technologists

With the emergence of big data, and the ability to quickly build applications connected through services, Information technologists are under great pressure to deliver more functionality faster to the business. At the same time, the environment is more complex, requiring the integration of multiple cloud and on-premise technologies while meeting security and compliance requirements.

Sparkling Logic provides a revolutionary way for IT professionals to significantly shorten the time and effort needed to bring the latest business decisions to production. Information technologists provide the infrastructure and lifecycle management processes once, enabling data scientists and business analysts to remain in control of their models and decisions throughout their lifecycle. Information technologists are no longer the bottleneck in the management of models, business rules and decisions in production and can rather focus on demanding integration, security and compliance requirements.

If you are considering using or upgrading business process (BPM) and or business rules engine (BRMS), learn how Sparkling Logic can revolutionize the way you handle business applications and make your business a happy partner.

Empower the Business to Manage Business Rule and Model Changes

  • Deploy Sparkling Logic decisions in the cloud or on-premise where they can be invoked as decision services or embedded within Java and .NET applications.
  • Define lifecycle management processes to empower data scientists and business analysts to safely publish releases into production

Satisfy the Most Demanding Application Management Requirements

  • Information technologists set up the security, lifecycle management, and deployment configurations and business analysts and data scientists can safely publish releases of the decisions into the various test and production environments.
  • Sparkling Logic integrates with the enterprise’s authentication platforms so you can manage users and privileges centrally.
  • Sparkling Logic provides support for any structured or ad-hoc lifecycle management for models and decisions: versioning, releases, publications, libraries – with full audit and ability to restore.

Integrate in the Most Demanding Enterprise Environments

IT must satisfy demanding performance, availability, and scalability requirements while enabling rapid, agile innovation.

  • Sparkling Logic is built on the most modern, cloud-scalable technologies available. It embeds the industry’s fastest business rules execution engine based on the Rete-NT technology, and leverages a map-reduce environment for decision analytics.
  • Sparkling Logic decision services can be deployed on cloud, on-premise, or integrated in the application or system through APIs . The services are lightweight, and non-obtrusive, allowing the organization to select the platform and architecture it requires while optimally leveraging automated decisions.