Rule Engine Design and Applications

on November 21, 2023
Rule Engine Design

Rule Engine Design

Rule engines are designed so that an organization can manage automated business decisions separately from the system or application that acts upon those decisions. This gives the business side more control over these decisions, empowering business analysts and subject-matter experts the ability to test and modify changes on a lifecycle that’s independent of the software development life cycle. Over time, many rule engines have evolved into decision management platforms that provide additional tools to further simplify the decision management process and enable organizations to leverage AI in decision making.

Rule Engine Applications

Organizations in various industries use rule engines for various applications. The most common use cases can be found in financial services for managing fraud and credit risk decisions. However, more and more organizations are finding new use cases for rule engines:

  • In a previous post, we discussed how a global advisory, broking, and solutions company started using a rule engine to manage customer risk but later identified new applications in dynamic data capture and task management.
  • In another post, we discussed how a leading custom battery manufacturer is leveraging a rule engine to expedite their design and quotation process.
  • In this post, we’re going to focus on how a major global apparel client of ours is using our decision management platform SMARTS™.

Decision Management Use Cases for Apparel

Operations for our client are highly complex. They manage multiple product lines each with numerous SKUs, operate globally, and work with both individual and business customers. Through business rules, they’re able to more efficiently and effectively manage operational decisions in 3 areas:

  • Invoicing: Given various conditions, how should a customer be invoiced?
  • Logistics: Given various conditions, what is the most efficient and effective way to distribute products around the world?
  • Merchandising: How to generate and validate the code for a product in a store and online?

Modernizing Rules Management with SMARTS™

Our client was looking to modernize their rule engine. They chose SMARTS™ because of our low-code capabilities. These enabled them to easily automate tasks and build custom interfaces to further simplify the decision management process. As a result, they were able to reduce their rules authoring lifecycle from over 6 months to under 3 weeks!

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