Rules Fest Live: Peter Voss / Artificial General Intelligence Engines and Modes of Learning

on October 11, 2010
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Peter switched gears completely after my presentation and tackled deeper Artificial Intelligence topics.  Measuring intelligence is a fascinating subject.  It reminds me of the challenge of simulating artificial stupidity but that is a different topic!

Contrasting Artificial General intelligence (AGI) and Narrow AI, Peter discussed the adaptive aspects.  This is obviously a dear topic to us.  I enjoyed his perspective, especially as he touched on the religious war between the various groups, namely AI and Neural Net camps.

During our tenure at FICO, Carlos and I experienced first hand this religious war between the Bay area and San Diego.  In the end, I am pleased that we could make progress on both sides and find a somewhat happy middle ground.  The reality is that technologies and techniques can collaborate and work in synergy.  It is amazing that technologists tend to be so narrow-minded sometimes.

Peter’s long list of techniques of “Acquiring Knowledge and Skills” is the meat of the presentation.  If you are interested in those things like we are, you should bookmark the presentation as soon as it is made available!

Anecdote to remember:

Parallel between Engineering and Evolution: humans have been able to fly for 100 years or so but birds have forever (granted I reworded slightly here)…  Food for thought as we try to engineer a machine that think like humans do.


Peter charted technology evolution to serve Call Center automation, with increasing levels of “intelligence” (ability to handle transaction complexity) related to cost.  We enjoyed a recorded call center interaction.  Does any of you remember the Chancellor initiative lead by Robert Hecht-Nielsen, the “HNC” Hecht-Nielsen?  Start Trek computer interactions may become a reality in the not-so-distant future!

His “imagine” slide definitely got me dreaming of spending time with Data… although he featured Spock!

 Practical Advice

Be ambitious!

If you cannot afford it, create general solutions

Don’t be limited by rules versus neural net dichotomy

Utilize vast network of online resources

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