Rules Fest Live: Rolando Hernandez / Using Enterprise Architecture and Knowledge Engineering to Build Mobil’s Lube Knowledge Base and Knowledge Supply Chain

on October 11, 2010
SMARTS™ Data-Powered Decision Management Platform

Is Knowledge as important as Data? Well, facts do not back that statement… Corporations typically spend more for protecting their data than for protecting their knowledge.

We need a knowledge supply chain. We have called it Decision / Business Rules Lifecycle Management, but yes, same concept.

Rolando is spot on.

It is key to manage decisions.  Automation is obviously a nice objective in itself, but the management of those business is paramount.

Lessons learned from oil disasters

Rolando’s Rules Dashboard informs us on how subject-matter expertise has been ignored for short term profit. The nice thing about it is that this concept introduces more transparency into decisions. It may be okay to bend or violate business rules. My conviction is that we too often do it without knowing it — which leads to surprising side effects that we should have been able to better anticipate or at least assess the risk.

In 1988, Mobil invested in a Lube Knowledge Base to capture this knowledge. Rolando slides describe the details of this project.

The ALFRED project faced an interesting challenge: experts disagreed!  What do you do then?  They actually put rules in for both perspectives!

Lesson learned: never call the system after one of the experts!

Anecdote to remember: it takes 3 weeks of modeling for 1 week of knowledge acquisition.  Wow.  That’s a lot!

Bonus slides (made in the plane): 10 Rules for Rules

  • Clear, not confusing
  • Complete
  • Correct
  • Current
  • Compliant
  • Condensed
  • Credible
  • Careful
  • Common Sense
  • Consistent

and……… my addition is Cool!

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