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SMARTS Decision Manager

SMARTS Decision Manager

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SMARTS Decision Manager is a cloud-based or on-premise decision management platform that uses data, analytics and business rules to automate decisions made by your enterprise’s core systems.

SMARTS lets you:

  • Leverage data insight, build predictive models, and author business rules to define automated decisions using industry-leading and patented approaches
  • Measure and maximize decision quality using dashboards and decision analytics
  • Deploy, dynamically evolve and optimize decisions that drive your daily business operations and customer interactions

Companies use SMARTS to streamline their processes, improve the quality of the decisions their systems make, and shorten the time it takes to adjust to new insights gained from market customer, and competitor changes.

SMARTS Dynamic Questionnaires feature allows you to use rules to drive interactions with users to collect and provide relevant context-sensitive information.

SMARTS Decision Manager for Continuous Decision Improvement


Define decisions with business rules and predictive models
Decisions are typically made based on a combination of business expertise and best practices and insight from data in the form of predictive models that enable you to minimize risks and seize opportunities.

SMARTS Business Rules in a Decision GraphSMARTS Decision Manager uses powerful machine-learning algorithms to extract insight from your data and produce predictive models and scores that can be used in decisions. You can also import PMML models that were created using SAS, Python, R, or SPSS so you can leverage them in operational decisions.

SMARTS provides you with an advanced rule authoring and decision management environment that lets your business analysts easily express business rules, combine them with predictive models, and publish the resulting decisions to your enterprise operational systems.


SMARTS Decision Analytics DashboardMeasure and optimize your business rules and decisions
The quality of your business rules and decisions is based on decision outcomes meeting your business objectives and constraints.

In SMARTS, you can run simulations and what-if scenarios and measure decision quality based on KPIs and metrics displayed in SMARTS’ dashboard reports.  You can continually challenge, experiment, and improve your decisions, guided by dashboard results, to produce the best business outcome.


Deploy your decisions and dynamically update for continuous improvement. SMARTS-deployKeeping pace with market dynamics and customer expectations requires that you automate the decisions that drive your daily business operations.

SMARTS provides the most efficient deployment capabilities in the industry, leveraging high-performance sequential and world-leading Rete-NT business rules execution, and a PMML execution engine for operational predictive analytics. In addition, SMARTS provides built-in support for deploying Champion / Challenger or A / B Testing.

SMARTS was designed from the ground up to run on the cloud or on-premise.

Analytics- Driven Automated Decisions

SMARTS Decision Manager White Paper

Automated decisions are at the heart of your processes and systems. These operational decisions provide the foundation for your digital business initiatives and are critical to the success and profitability of your business. Learn how SMARTS Decision Manager lets you define agile, targeted, and optimal decisions and deploy them to highly available, efficient, and scalable decision services.
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