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SMARTS Dynamic Questionnaires

SMARTS Decision Manager provides a product extension called Dynamic Questionnaires that allows you to use rules to drive the interactions with users to collect and/or provide relevant context-sensitive information. Examples of applications that benefit from this feature include applications that: collect information for loan or insurance applications, provide interactive guidance to physicians during medical examinations, determine benefits eligibility, provide interactive configuration for products or services, and provide guidance for business licensing.

Intelligent User Interactions

Using SMARTS Dynamic Questionnaires, business analysts can quickly and easily automate complex interactions with a graphical flow of pages, questions, and decision logic. A SMARTS Questionnaire enables your application to obtain answers from a user by asking questions. Which questions to ask and their order is controlled by rules, allowing tremendous flexibility to drive user interactions based on previous answers and business policies. This enables intelligent interactions with users and reduces drop out rate.

SMARTS Dynamic Questionnaires

Simple and Elegant Questionnaire Definition

The pages that are to be shown are determined by a specific type of activity node in the decision flow, called a Page Step. Page Step dialogs in the graphical SMARTS UI enable the business analysts to define questions, the organization and presentation options, and the validation options. SMARTS automatically creates the data structure to support the questionnaire and maintain the state of the conversation.

Deploying Questionnaires

The Questionnaire is deployed by integrating the provided Questionnaire Renderer component into your application. The component supports a large number of properties that are defined in the SMARTS UI including client-side presentation and validation rules. Alternatively, API’s are provided to support writing your own renderer.

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