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SMARTS Real-time Decision Metrics

SMARTS’ Real-time Decision Metrics feature gives you the ability to monitor the business quality of your decisions as they execute. In today’s fast-paced world, organizations need to respond and adjust their decision strategies in response to changing market changes, competitive pressures, and customer preferences and demand. For many automated decisions, especially those dependent on customer behavior or fraud, it is often impossible to understand whether or not the decision will meet business goals and objectives until after it has been deployed. As a result, ongoing monitoring of the decisions made, and their outcomes is critical.

SMARTS allows you to monitor and systematically improve your decision outcomes by tracking business performance over time and making changes when needed. SMARTS is the only decision management platform to offer a built-in, out-of-the box decision monitoring capability.

SMARTS Real-time Decision Metrics

Define Metrics, Dashboards, and Alerts

SMARTS’ Dashboard feature allows you to define metrics to measure the quality of your decisions. These metrics can be displayed as graphical dashboard reports to summarize the results of testing and simulations. When ready to deploy your decision, you can configure these metrics or define new metrics to monitor live production decisions.

In addition, SMARTS lets you define Alerts associated with your decision metrics. Alerts are triggered when specified thresholds are reached in a metric. For example, an online payments platform could define alerts that are triggered when the dollar amount of fraudulent transactions per region goes beyond a specific maximum. Alerts can use SMARTS’ notification mechanism to send email notifications to relevant stakeholders so they can respond and take action in a timely manner.

How SMARTS Real-time Decision Metrics are displayed
How SMARTS Real-time Decision Metrics are Displayed

Monitor the Business Quality of Your Decisions as They Execute

Real-time Decision Metrics are computed based on data from live decision services. The charts and reports displaying these metrics are updated in near-real-time giving you the ability to monitor trends in automated decisions as they are being made on live data.

SMARTS’ Real-time Decision Metrics supports all decision service configurations including high availability and scalability configurations with multiple replicated instances behind a load balancer where results are aggregated across invocations through all instances.

Empower Business Users to Monitor Metrics

SMARTS Decision Manager allows you to empower business stakeholders to monitor live decision services. Business users login to a specific restricted area of SMARTS called the “Hub” where they can access the dashboards displaying the real-time metrics. When viewing dashboard reports, business users can do further analysis by editing chart properties to change

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