SMARTS in credit and risk management

on November 24, 2021

If you envision modernizing or building a credit origination system, an insurance underwriting application, a rating engine, or a product configurator, our SMARTS decision management platform can help you. Discover it here through a selected list of use cases we consider to be representative of decision management applications in modern credit and risk management, based on data, models, and automation.

If your project is different, just contact us or request a free trial. The Sparkling Logic team enjoys nothing more than helping customers implement their most demanding business requirements and technical specifications. Our obsession is not only to have you satisfied, but also proud of the system you will build.

Selected use cases

In credit and risk management, SMARTS has been used in applications where many data-driven decisions were frequently invoked and decision logic often updated, in response to changes in industry regulations, market dynamics, and business strategy. For this blog post, we select some applications that our customers have built with SMARTS.

Credit origination
An American rating agency has integrated SMARTS into its origination platform to help its corporate clients manage their credit risks, from screening to closing. With SMARTS, the agency manages credit risk for 4 of top 5 telcos and 30 of top 40 banks.

Credit risk management
A Chinese financial services provider uses SMARTS as the engine for its credit risk management from customer registration and identity identification to credit scoring and amount calculation to loan approval and money transfer. With SMARTS operational, the fintech company increased loan volumes to over 38 million lending transactions with greater control over its business risk.

Deposit risk management
A consortium of US banks specializing in deposit risk management measured SMARTS simulations of 1 billion transactions on 4 cores in less than 42 minutes, enabling the consortium to execute their decisions and compute complex business metrics beyond the traditional statistical means, variances, and deviations.

Flash fraud detection
A global online payment platform used BluePen for fraud detection. Since the deployment of the model, the detection time of a fraudulent transaction has been reduced from two weeks to less than a day, and the saving amounts to $10M’s per ongoing flash fraud.

Insurance claims adjudication
A major US-based third-party administrator for long term care insurance products uses SMARTS as the decision management engine for the company’s claims adjudication system, which processes 90,000 claim decisions per month over 1.3 million policies. Development and deployment took less than 6 months.

Healthcare insurance
A global risk platform company has used SMARTS to create, test, validate and put into production COVID-19 conditions for its drug prescriptions for more than 500,000 policyholders, located in more than 10 countries. Full development from specification to production took less than 12 months.

Life insurance underwriting
A Chinese life insurance company uses SMARTS so that all the underwriting rules and nearly 70% of the claims rules are managed by business experts, without calling on the IT department to update the rules. This allowed IT to focus on the reliability and availability of the system. Additionally, updating rules now takes no more than an hour from development to production.


As reported by our customers, credit and risk analysts were able to leverage data and scoring models to intuitively build credit and risk management applications that can easily evolve with the business activity, internal policies, and industry regulations.

They also benefited from SMARTS agility and flexibility, giving them the ability to configure and refine decision logic, test, simulate decision services, experiment, choose decision strategies, and finally publish and manage deployment. Credit and risk analysts were able to participate in the entire solution lifecycle through web forms and point-and-click interfaces, without the sole reliance on IT.

On the other hand, IT had all the required performance, security, integration, and scalability capabilities to fit their enterprise architecture and governance without additional development or changes in the current applications. SMARTS was delivered in the form of a containerized product ready to install, deploy, and run as part of an interactive system, a service to invoke in a service-oriented environment, a program to call in a message-oriented environment, or a batch processing application.

To explore more, we invite you to visit our blog, webinar, resources, and demo pages where you can learn about SMARTS capabilities, features, and tools that make it an all-in-one low-code platform for building smart decisioning applications without a heavy involvement from IT beyond first installation.

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