Go beyond business rules management

  • Use your data to author and test rules
  • Express rules in a user-friendly manner
  • Model decisions as you gather requirements for a new project
  • Reuse rules across many dimensions
Rules Authoring with SMARTS™

See SMARTS™ Rules Authoring in Action


Quickly transform your data into rules and test as you go through point-and-click

  1. Simply upload sample data to start (ex. customer applications, activity logs, work orders)
  2. Use RedPen™ rules authoring tool to select the data attributes and values from sample data and write rules without code
  3. Immediately test your rules on your sample data

Easily create turbo-fast scoring, rating, and pricing engines

  1. Simply upload existing rate tables, pricing calculators, or other matrices in spreadsheet form
  2. Use Lookup Models to automatically translate everything into executable rules
  3. Immediately test your rules on your sample data
Integrated interface for rules authoring

Integrated environment allows users to view data and KPIs in context of the decision logic.

Point-and-click rules authoring with RedPen™

Using RedPen™ to easily identify what data is referenced in an auto risk assessment rule and quickly modify rule conditions

Dashboard showing decision outcomes

Immediately testing how a rule modification impacts decision outcomes

How to create lookup models

How to create a Lookup Model from existing spreadsheets

Auto insurance quote decision flow example

Auto insurance quote displayed as a decision flow

Auto insurance rule set example

Auto insurance Tier Assessment rule set displayed as a list of easy-to-understand rules


Choose how to write your rules

  • Use RedPen™ to author rules from sample data through point-and-click
  • Author rules in SQL-like format
  • Use Lookup Models to automatically translate spreadsheets into rules
  • Use SparkL to express advance computations (ex. mathematical equations, string manipulations, constraints) in a natural, easy-to-understand language
  • Use Pencil to build a decision model and automatically translate it into rules

Choose how to view your rules

  • Change graphical representations for each rule set through SMARTS™ fluid rule metaphors
  • Display rules sets as text, decision tables, decision trees, or graphs
  • Choose the right view to help you accomplish your task at hand


Capture and organize data requirements and business rules from the get go

  • Use our Pencil modeling tool to define and graphically represent requirements, inputs, and outputs
    • Ideal for early phases of a project (ex. launching a new product or service)
    • Follows Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to refine your decision model
  • Automatically translate the decision model into executable rules
DMN diagram of an auto insurance quote - premiums are determined based on the plan, the applicant risk and status, underwriting guidelines, and any credits the applicant may have

DMN diagram of auto insurance quote

Example common and exception rules

Exception Rule created for the state of California


Easily author, organize, and maintain complex decisions

  • Efficiently manage decisions that vary by dimension through SMARTS™ cascading decisions
    • State or country-specific policies
    • Lines of business and products
    • Customer segments, marketing channels, and more
  • Author common rules once and then add exception rules where necessary
  • Quickly conduct compliance audits and adapt to changing regulations


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