Sparkling Logic announces Geneva release and BluePen module

Geneva, Switzerland


Adapt business strategies effectively by iterating rapidly between Business Rules and Analytics at the first signs of business change

Sparkling Logic, the company founded by the team of leading experts in Decision Management, announced today the general availability of Sparkling Logic SMARTS™ Geneva release, and the introduction of new business analytics with its BluePen™ module.

“Business rules embody knowledge from domain experts,” said Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic Chief Executive Officer. “But data embodies experience, and analytics can help extract invaluable insight. Bringing those activities together allows short cycles for those decisions that need ultimate agility.”

BluePen is the latest add-on to the innovative Sparkling Logic SMARTS product. Beyond the business intelligence dashboards originally on the Decision Management platform, business analytics now enable the business expert to tap into fresh datasets to better understand correlations, and eventually induce rules that could constitute a starting point for the expert to refine.

“Heading research for advanced analytics, my experience is that data almost always contains tremendous insight for better decisions,” Larry Rosenberger, renown credit risk luminary, FICO former CEO and Sparkling Logic strategic advisor, said. “At some point, I realized that expert knowledge is as critical to improved decision-making. Sparkling Logic’s BluePen approach, which combines both, is exceptionally well thought out. They accelerate the development process, addressing compliance, best practices and risk in a holistic way, but also solve the operationalization hurdle.”

Operationalizing data insight has always been the Achilles’ heel of decision management. Analytic models still take weeks or months to deploy in production. The key reason is the difference in data model used by the modelers and IT. By allowing domain experts to perform analytic jobs on the operational data model, BluePen makes this whole process feasible in a day.

Uncertainty in risk management drives the need for agility. As business conditions swing rapidly, business strategies must adapt to remain competitive. Sparkling Logic SMARTS and its BluePen module help sense the shift, induce decisioning logic from early signs, assist experts in refining the strategies and deploy them in production. A perfect use case for this technology is fraud detection. As new fraud schemes are emerging every day, logic can be crafted and deployed early to automate fraud prevention, decreasing significantly the fraudster’s ROI and company losses.

About Sparkling Logic

Sparkling Logic Inc. is a California-based company founded by the leading experts in Decision Management, now pioneering Social Logic. The company’s mission is to provide deep expertise, pragmatic methodologies and innovative tools to spread the adoption of Decision Management as a discipline throughout the Enterprise. The company advises Fortune 500 customers on Decision Management strategy and architecture. Sparkling Logic SMARTS lowers barriers to entry into Decision Management with a unique and intuitive user experience, focuses on performance from the start and enables true collaboration for crowd-sourced decisions for the most creative cases.

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