Sparkling Logic Awarded New Patent for Decision Management

SMARTS RedPen innovation simplifies and accelerates business rule authoring.

Sparkling Logic today announced that it has been awarded a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, invention number 8,554,711. The patent, covering Sparkling Logic’s innovative RedPen decision authoring technology, is implemented in its SMARTS Decision Management System. “RedPen dramatically reduces the learning curve and reduces time to production for our customers since business experts are productive immediately, without learning a special rule language or syntax,” says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic’s CEO. “Innovations like our RedPen rule elicitation are what allows SMARTS to expand beyond the niche market of current Decision Management offerings.”

One of the key hurdles in using decision management products is the amount of upfront design and modeling and tool customization required to empower non-technical business users to manage the decision logic. SMARTS RedPen is one of the SMARTS technologies that makes the product business-friendly out of the box. SMARTS RedPen patented technology lowers risk for the critical rule discovery phase of Decision Management projects. Rather that dealing with the abstract concepts and terms in a business object model, business experts can interactively capture business rules by using the SMARTS’ RedPen to annotate fields in a specific use case that pertain to the business decision. Business experts can write business rules without using a specific rule language or syntax using the SMARTS RedPen technology.

The RedPen technology was named to recollect the way business experts make manual decisions when they mark a physical document such as a credit or loan application or insurance claim notating the specific rationale for their decision. Using SMARTS RedPen rule elicitation, business experts are able to focus on making the appropriate decision for a case without learning a special rule language while SMARTS captures the business rule.

“RedPen is a great example of our recognized commitment to continuous innovation. Organizations are looking for ways to respond faster to competition and customer needs. By allowing business experts to directly control how automated decisions are made, companies are better able to keep their software up to date with business needs,” says Carlos Serrano-Morales, Sparkling Logic’s CTO. “We are committed to leveraging our intellectual property to give customers the ability to maximize the return on their investment when they buy technology and services.” Sparkling Logic has several additional patent applications for innovations in their SMARTS Decision Management System.

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Sparkling Logic Inc. is a California-based company leading technology innovation in Decision Management. Its SMARTS™ decision management system empowers business experts and business analysts in organizations that need to automate and improve business decisions. SMARTS uniquely leverages data in the decision management environment to facilitate the capture of business rules in the context of use cases, asses the impact of changes in the decision strategy, and combine decision logic revealed in historical data with business rules based on business policy and expertise.

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