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Sparkling Logic for Credit Risk Management

Banks are facing increasing challenges from new regulatory pressures, rising customer expectations and innovative Fintech competitors. To respond to these challenges, leading banks and financial service providers are looking to digitize their credit risk processes. Real-time credit decision making speeds the approval process and reduces the risk of losing creditworthy customers to competitors.

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Sparkling Logic’s SMARTS Decision Manager is a cloud-based or on premise digital decisioning platform that uses data, analytics and business rules to automate core-business decisions. Companies around the world use SMARTS to optimize and automate decisions throughout the credit risk management process.

Learn why Equifax selected Sparkling Logic to power their industry leading InterConnect credit risk decisioning platform:

“Sparkling Logic is a great team that understands the needs of the market and is very committed to helping Equifax meet and exceed our customer expectations.”

SMARTS Decision Manager for Automating Credit Risk Decisions

SMARTS provides an ideal platform to apply credit policies and decision strategies, implement internal credit risk scoring and risk rating models, and automate loan approvals and decisions:

  • SMARTS enables standardization and consistency in lending decisions on a centralized decision platform. Complex requirements including product and geographic location-specific requirements can be easily implemented and managed to support a common base of decisioning rules that can be customized and extended.
  • Complex loan origination and underwriting strategies can be flexibly defined and can include the implementation and deployment of credit risk scoring and risk rating models through model import (PMML).
  • Built-in testing and simulation capabilities enable the comparison and evaluation of rating models and credit decisioning strategies against a historic set of credit applications.
  • SMARTS supports easy configuration and deployment of Champion / Challenger experiments to validate the effectiveness of decisioning logic and risk policy.

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