Sparkling Logic Delivers Real-time Decision Metrics with Latest Release

Toronto, Canada

Latest Sparkling Logic SMARTS release enables monitoring of deployed decisions in near real-time. Sunnyvale, CA., October 28, 2019 – Sparkling Logic today announced the general availability of the latest release of its AI-driven SMARTS decision management platform. This release introduces Real-time Decision Metrics that enable organizations to monitor the business quality of decisions as they execute, and trigger alerts when specific business thresholds are reached. Sparkling Logic SMARTS is the first Decision Management product to support real-time monitoring of deployed decisions. “One of SMARTS’ most powerful features is the dashboard that displays business metrics that summarize the results of simulation and testing,” said Carole-Ann Berlioz, Sparkling Logic CPO. “Our customers requested the ability to monitor these metrics on their deployed SMARTS applications and we are pleased to deliver that capability in this release.” The SMARTS Real-time Decision Metrics feature allows you to add and configure live metrics that are displayed on business pages through the SMARTS Hub, an area of the product designed specifically for business monitoring. Alerts can be set to notify the appropriate people when specific thresholds are reached, enabling you to know and act upon events happening in your business at any given moment. For example, an online payments system could verify in real-time the amount of dollars per region resulting from transactions flagged as potentially fraudulent. SMARTS’ Real-time Metrics feature leverages streaming analytics to constantly compute statistical analytics on a stream of data. SMARTS Real-time metrics are supported for all Sparkling Logic decision service configurations (both cloud and on-premise). For high-volume applications such as claims processing, loan origination, and fraud detection where multiple repeated instances are deployed behind a load balancer, SMARTS Real-time Metrics aggregates the results across the invocations through all instances. “SMARTS’ streaming analytics capability will be invaluable to marketing, fraud, and credit risk decisions,” says Joe DeCosmo, Chief Analytics Officer at Enova International. “As a Sparkling Logic partner, our Enova Decisions Cloud customers will benefit from the ability to be informed and respond in real time. With these new capabilities, organizations can now trigger alerts and take relevant action when customer experience is degraded, or real time fraud exceeds thresholds.” In addition to the new Real-time Decision Metrics feature, this release introduces additional capabilities including enhancements to SMARTS Task Flow feature, the ability to deploy stand-alone containers hosting a SMARTS Decision Service, and support for Apache Avro files and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to better support simulation and machine learning data. Additional Resources

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