Sparkling Logic Deploys First Cloud Decision Management and Execution Service to NARF Ekstra AS

NARF Ekstra AS

SMARTS Decision Management and Deployment enables Norwegian Accounting Association to provide expert guidance to Norway’s accountants

Sparkling Logic today announced that NARF Ekstra AS, the commercial subsidiary of NARF (Norges Autoriserte Regnskapsføreres Forening) the Norwegian Association of Authorized Accountants, has deployed the first decision management and execution service in the cloud. NARF Ekstra AS implemented Sparkling Logic SMARTS decision management system to manage and execute decisions for their newly available online guides on the Pintell portal ( for Norwegian accountants.

“Traditionally decision management technology has been limited to organizations with significant IT resources,” says Carole-Ann Matignon, Sparkling Logic CEO. “By offering SMARTS’ decision management and decision execution in the cloud we are making this technology available to smaller companies. SMARTS’ offerings are completely out-of-the-box, requiring no customization or installation. We are very proud to be a part of NARF Ekstra AS’ new portal for accountants.”

NARF Ekstra AS provides a wide variety of relevant courses to help Norway’s accountants meet the formal education requirements to maintain their authorized status. In looking for new ways to expand the skills and practice of accountants, they decided to create Pintell as an advisory portal that would provide step-by-step guides to help accountants provide services that would require considerable effort to master and offer on their own.

Pintell guides cover topics that target small and medium-sized businesses such as establishing a corporate structure, conducting business operations reviews, analyzing profitability, undergoing captial expansions, defining employment contracts, and providing employee stock purchases. By using Pintell, accountants can offer and provide services to their clients that they wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable offering without expert support and guidance. Pintell also helps accountants find new business opportunities with their existing clients by recommending which Pintell-guided services might benefit a specific client based on recent laws and tax regulations, and financial data.

NARF Ekstra AS creates and deploys the Pintell guides using SMARTS Decision Management. NARF’s accounting and legal specialists write business rules to define the guides as SMARTS decisions and they deploy them to the SMARTS’ cloud-based decision execution service to make them available through the Pintell portal.

“By externalizing the business rules and providing an environment where our business experts can author and manage them, SMARTS allows us to rapidly create, test, and introduce new Pintell guides to help Norway’s accountants provide additional services to their clients,” says Hans Christian Ellefsen, NARF Ekstra AS Team Leader — Advisory Services. “The availability of SMARTS decision management and decision execution in the cloud made this application possible for us with our limited IT infrastructure.”

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About NARF Ekstra AS

The Association was established in 1969. A Service Office was established in 1978 and changed to a foundation in 1994. The law of Authorization of Accountants was decided in 1993. The purpose of NARF is to promote and encourage professional and technical interests and skills, economic and social interests by:

  • Ensuring and protecting the member’s interests towards authorities
  • Promoting and encouraging quality requirements
  • Strengthening the member’s competencies and skills
  • Serving as a productive link between members, and stimulating the collegiate and professional community
  • Representing the member’s interests in legislative and political areas and ensuring favorable conditions for the sector and their SME customers
  • Establishing regional groups for experience exchange
  • Supporting members on a wide range of issues
  • Offering a wide range of courses and seminars

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About Sparkling Logic

About Sparkling Logic Sparkling Logic Inc. is a California-based company leading technology innovation in Decision Management. Its SMARTS™ decision management system empowers business experts and business analysts in organizations that need to automate and improve business decisions. SMARTS uniquely leverages data in the decision management environment to facilitate the capture of business rules in the context of use cases, assess the impact of changes in the decision strategy, and combine decision logic revealed in historical data with business rules based on business policy and expertise.

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